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YPPO at DBU Congress
29. June 2018 at 20:27
YPPO was represented at the Biodiversity Congress 2017 in Osnabrueck, Germany organised by the DBU and the German government. We raised financial support and are now officially sponsored by the DBU!
The YPPO strives to unite youths throughout the world to foster stronger scientific impact in current debates on global issues. Since the protection of our planet requires a fundamental understanding of the earth - our common ground - we encourage young people's innovative ideas and attitudes to approach environmental problems. Members of YPPO collaborate within our network to unleash the potential of local as well as international projects that raise awareness of the critical situation of our environment and develop scientific solutions.

Fabian Schneider, the International Coordinator of YPPO, and Rami Aly, the Chief Administrative Officer, represented the Youth Planet Protector Organisation at the annual biodiversity congress. Over 180 youths and students participated to share their knowledge, passion and projects and to lern more about the crucial role of scientific solutions towards environmental issues!

Due to the outstanding accomplishments of YPPO and the YPPO community, YPPO received financial support and is now officially sponsored by the DBU and the German ministry for environmental affairs! We are proud!
Cite This Article As: Fabian Schneider. "YPPO at DBU Congress." International Youth Journal, 29. June 2018.

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