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Youth, Environment and Sustainable Development
08. October 2017 at 21:11
Achievement of environmental sustainability through sustainable development is talk of town around the globe as we are already facing damage to our lovely environment in which we reside, with many more effects to occur in near future. A active involvement is required to promote environmental sustainability and youths; a group of active age individuals can play a significant role in it.
Nepal, a developing country, rich in its natural beauty, its diversity and environmental values is facing high vulnerability to its beautiful environment and natural resources. Urbanization, high rate of population growth, industrialization and unmanaged developmental acts has resulted into environmental destruction. Being fourth vulnerable to the effects of climate change, Nepal is more prone to different climatic and environmental hazards.

The development work being carried out at different parts of the country are also the cause of forest destruction, landslide due to the lack of longterm vision. Sustainable development goals are directly linked with environmental sustainability. The development activities shouldn't hamper the environment and its component. Due to lack of proper planning, ideas and knowledge, the ongoing activities are hampering the environment as well as the humans themselves who live in this environment.

Development should be sustainable and should empower environmental protection. The developmental activities should focus on enhancing environmental beauty and resources rather than causing harm to it. The goals of sustainable development support in protection of environment.

Youths, the enthusiastic force of nation play a great role in protection of environment. Sustainable development, environment and youth are interrelated to each other. Youth initiatives working in association with local bodies, government, NGOs and INGOs, in the form of awareness campaign, advocacy, development project play a major role and Youths creative ideas, enthusiastic will power and active involvement can be boon for achieving sustainable development goals.

In the context of developing countries like Nepal where almost half of its population is illiterate and, government and NGOs initiative have not been able to reach rural areas and every corner of the nation. Youth groups and their work helps starting from the local ground level could be the best option. As youth are highly motivated and conscious about environment, their initiatives always play a major role for the achievement of environmental sustainability.

Almost 53% of the Nepalese are unaware about climate change although Nepal is fourth vulnerable nation to climate change. Youth initiatives like climate change awareness campaign, educating locally, clean up campaign, volunteering for environmental protection protection are remarkable efforts. Youths believe in "Act Locally" and "Act Differently".

Mobilization of youths in environment and sustainable development is the need of time. Youths must be motivated to bring and join initiatives for environmental protection to achieve the goals of sustainable development.
Cite This Article As: Kushal Naharki. "Youth, Environment and Sustainable Development." International Youth Journal, 08. October 2017.

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