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Youth Agenda in Urban Planning in Yangon
23. May 2017 at 11:40
What is agenda for youths in urban planning? Youth section are losing here? Don’t ignore youth! Can't develop without youth. Give opportunities to youth, Cooperate with youth, that the best way in urban planning.
Yangon, second capital city of Myanmar (Burma), the commercial city. Yangon is connected international airport and port, the development city in Myanmar (Burma). And then most of youth are live in Yangon such as students, employees and others.

Today Yangon, need to urban development because many issues having in city. These are traffic case, air pollution, water and garbage, street market seller, gutter over case, high building and transportation. We need to solve this issues. Therefore 30 youths in Yangon discussed youth agenda in urban. They made one of forum in April 22 and 23. In this forum, we discussed with state holders and technicians. After forum, we organized Municipal Youth Team to integrate youth and state holder for urban planning.

Youths own many skills such as creative, enthusiastic, energy and times. Government or community should be training, giving opportunities and receiving their advice. Youth are essential need human resources for country develop, not ignore them. No have develop without youth. Government must support to youth development and give opportunities to cooperate for urban develop.

We love our city. We love green environment. We like smart city. Hope of youth is to become Green and Golden Smart City. We believe that youth can do all the best. We welcome many youth in different regions and others country, to combine advice, information and culture.

Cite This Article As: Ar Kar Htet Lwin Oo. "Youth Agenda in Urban Planning in Yangon." International Youth Journal, 23. May 2017.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/youth-agenda-in-urban-planning-in-yangon

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