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why loving yourself is necessary
06. June 2018 at 12:50
I have been on this earth for the past 17 years and in these years, I have seen a lot of things happening around me and my surroundings. and what I have concluded from all this is that life revolves around you and it ends with you. we being the mere puppets of nature just do our respective jobs as assigned to us by her but humans are a bit ahead of others as they are the independent and advanced puppets of nature. so we experience and face a lot of things in our lifetime. so through this article, I will highlight the life of a human in general.
let's begin! a human or i should say an expressive and sentimental robot. yes, we are a robot because we might have all the leisure and luxuries in our life but still our lives are governed by something or the other, whether our work, passion, money, or etc. etc. in general, humans spend their entire life just supporting their family and needs and in the old age when their body does not work according to their will, they sit by their children and grandchildren who mock at their condition. what life is this? you spent your entire life to fulfill the minute demand of your family and now when you are old and wretched instead of support and love they are mocking and making fun of you. we tend to get settled and build a family so that when we will die at least our sons and daughters will be there to continue our hierarchy.
what is the need of living for others and finding solace in others when we have our own body and life to love and embrace? why to look for a partner to be there by our side,when we aware that we all will one day die alone in complete solidarity? looking somebody so that you could confide in them is no solution to your greatest woes. to find answer and solutions you just have to sit alone, hug yourself and experience the world within you. loving you is the greatest step one take towards success and complete contentment because through this we find what we haven't found till now: the faults, the good, the bad and the important. this life is pretty long and we don't know when it will come to an abrupt end and all that we have thought so far will diminish, so rather living for other learn to first love yourself and accept the good and bad in you, only then loving somebody else will worth.
Instead of wasting your life waiting for your prince charming or princess aurora, become your own prince/princess. this life is very uncertain, so live each day just by being you are. remember to be happy at the prettiest thing and love the little happy things around you and become your own kind of beautiful, don't compare to somebody and don't feel inferior because everyone in this world is completely different and unique in their own way. Learn to change rather compare! Learn to Love Yourself More!

Cite This Article As: Mandy Sharma. "why loving yourself is necessary." International Youth Journal, 06. June 2018.

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