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When you fail, don’t give up
10. April 2019 at 09:01
When you fail, don’t give up, don’t stop attempting again, chart a new path to success and put in extra effort.

I failed my secondary school leaving exam four times and it seemed that was the end of the world. I lost most of my friends because I was called a failure. Some other friends had gained admission to the university and I was lonely as I tried to move from failure to success

While in Secondary School, I was always a ”local champion” (succeeding among my peers), I always led the class. But I met my waterloo in my final year in the Secondary School. For me to graduate and proceed to the university, I needed to write the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). 

I prepared, as usual, I thought success will come easily this time again. So I went ahead to write my exams.

Huuuuu-uuuh, the result of the exam was contrariwise. I failed, I mean I really failed. Really, I failed four times. The greatest challenge I had was in a particular subject. I hope you can guess the subject? It was English Language. I felt disappointed and I was considering giving in to failure. Not so long I discovered my failure is also a critical part of life. I later discovered that success does not come on a platter of gold. So, I had to redesign a new learning curve and work towards my desired success.

I picked up my books, charted a new path of discipline and did some real works. I attempted writing the school leaving exam again the second time. I improved a little but I still fell within the bracket of failure. At that point I told myself if you have improved now, then you can arrive at your desired destination. I looked away from distractions and I did not allow discouragement from friends who had already passed their exams.

I refused to give up, I put in more effort. I wrote the exam subsequently for four times. At the fourth time, I got it. I got my desired success. Now, I do well in English, I write well in English and communicate in English. I did not allow my failure to define me or limit me in life.

When you fail, don’t give up, don’t stop attempting again, chart a new path to success and put in extra effort.

I am encouraging you to say to yourself, I will not quit, I will not attempt getting better without improving on my attitude and skill and finally, say I will achieve it and I will get there no room for quitting. 

Cite This Article As: Oluwadamilola Adigun. "When you fail, don’t give up." International Youth Journal, 10. April 2019.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/when-you-fail-donrsquot-give-up

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