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When value beats connection
28. October 2019 at 09:00
Nigeria as a country has positioned herself in a position where if you don't know 'top men and women who are well placed', you go nowhere irrespective of your qualifications. This has made millions of Nigerians to conclude that school is a scam! Hence, they're not going to school again. Is this the solution?

In a country where qualification(s) do not guarantee or qualifies for a white collar job with an enticing pay, what becomes of the numerous graduates produced every year? What repay their sleepless nights and dedication to their individual and group assignments in their various higher institutions? How can they look back and say thank God my sacrifices back then were not in vain? Will they ever feel they've wasted their time and resources seeing that one cannot get good job unless He or She has “good connection”? How can they satisfy their parents/guardian/sponsor who had to work day in day out to be able to pay their fees and make sure they are comfortable while in school? 

These are questions that have stolen sleep from the eyes of corps members, graduates in general over the years. Many have concluded that school is a scam as well as the National youth service corps. Do you think so?

Well this paper is not to argue that but to proffer solutions to some of the aforementioned questions. It is no doubt that quality supersedes quantity. Hundred persons can study and have a certificate on photography but certainly not all of them can beats average when its time for performance. Not all of them are in the same level when it comes to practical. What am I saying in essence? How good are you? Really, do you deserved to be employed? Check yourself!

No Organization or individual wants to employ average. They are all looking for the best. Nobody is willing to employ certificates anymore, instead what employers employ is “brain” quality brain. Certificates nowadays are basically access to get into the room. What if you get into the room but were unable to defend the certificate? What if you get inside the room and you were able to beat their imagination regardless of what your certificate says?

True, our Educational system is not encouraging anymore, the reverse is becoming the case, where the uneducated is becoming the employer and the educated becoming the employee. Nevertheless, quality will surely speak up. There will always be a distinctive difference between an educated person and an uneducated person. The question that should be asked is how different? To what extent?

We cannot continue to be chanting and shouting there is no job in the country, because actually there is but it is meant for both the connected and qualified few. If youre not well connected, then you should be well qualified. Start setting and implementing goals that are aimed at improving you. Start working hard to beat average. Attend seminars/workshops. Thank God for online courses, enroll yourself and learn, some of them certify their students too, where this is the case, youre also improving your curriculum vitae (CV).

In addendum, it is more than pertinent to start networking. Networking is the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. It is the cultivation of productive relationships for employment or business. In the words of Hal Lancaster networking remains the number one cause of job attainment. Many of us are still spending our precious time and resources on relationships that is not building or improving us. The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work -Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Get it right!!

Cite This Article As: Ovbokhan Okuonghae. "When value beats connection ." International Youth Journal, 28. October 2019.

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