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When I wrote less..
08. May 2019 at 09:00
It's been a mysterious for a while and that while takes so many lifetimes to understand. Human psychology is more complicated when they try to be easy. Less or more characters of my life with you and your are doing well and that you are interested in me's and not themselves. When you try to be me who will be "You"??

Always good to hear about your experience with you and your. I am writing to apply my calibre and you??

When I wrote less seems complicated as if someone don't understand what I have been working on. But the secret is in reading the silent message that is not written. But the question is how can you read what's not written??

Think upon it for a while. And you be me you know it all. But how you will be me that's even a bigger question??

So what about human psychology in all this...

Well it's just you!!

The study of you is human psychology. And that you for you is "me" and not I. With such little ease I can say you be I but don't know who be you!

To find you in you is your job. I can stay with you but don't just rely on I. Rely on You!

Okay let's try again.. You be You but to know me You be I. So in someway I be you but who will be You in your I.

Coping is always cellular work but every cell knows who is You & who is I. So when I try to be you, I loose my I. So why are you trying to be my I and not your You.

This is simplistic to observe. But did you get the point??

Answer it to you and not my I that is no longer you. Can I finish this in short?? The answer for You is not I. But Your You can!!

When I write less My "I" can understand it all but until I think like your "I" the message gets clouded. But here my work is done. If you go back to all what "I" said to your "You" I was continuously talking to my "I" & Your "You". So while reading this entire time you was thinking about the message but is only talking to my "I" & your "You"...

So I can trick anything but I decided not to because my "You" is very precious for your "I"!!

But how do you know all the answers to your "I" & my "You"??

Well it's simple... Go to my "You" & your "I" all answers are there already just sit with it and spend some moments. You will know it all!!

Keep Smiling and take care of my "You" & your "I" : )

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "When I wrote less..." International Youth Journal, 08. May 2019.

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