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What life has in stock for me
04. June 2018 at 13:28
by Fuad Aliyu
Life isn't easy, we just have to know some basic things in other to live well. What life has in stock for me. First and foremost, I will ike to tell you if you haven’t realise that life is more than waking up in the morning, getting dressed, being punctual to your place of work or as a student being punctual to your class of study.
You either wake up in the morning full of joy, happiness and peace of mind or you wake up with sorrow and bitterness. Irrespective of however your mood swings to, you need to realise that there is more life has in stock for you than you realise or the whole world sees in you.

We face a lot of challenges in our day to day life that sometimes we feel like quitting or giving up on life. We cry, laugh, hang out with friends, go on vacation with our friends and families but there is more in stock than all those activities we engage in. We shouldn’t let the challenges we face presently in life determines what we become in the future or who we are becoming in the future.

We need to ask our self if we are on the right path towards achieving what life has in stock for us. Achieving this is very easy and so much uneasy depending on the path and approach we take towards achieving it. I believe that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well, I also believe that whatever is not worth doing is not worth doing at all rather than wasting time that would have been useful in achieving other important goals in life.

As a student, have you asked yourself about your manners and approach towards your lecturers, classes, assignments, projects, group works, presentation and all other activities you take part in towards your learning? If you haven’t then its time you ask yourself these questions and also provide the answers sincere within yourself. If your approaches are bad then you need to adjust yourself so that you can achieve what life has in stock for you. You don’t take note in classroom, you make noise in class when the lecturer is lecturing, and you are busy playing video games when the lecture is going on or you are watching musical videos when you should be listening to what the lecturer has to say. Success isn’t a day work rather it’s a lifetime job.

Little efforts you show as a student accumulate and rewards you largely on that particular day when your whole family gathers to celebrate you on your convocation or induction day and also when the lecturers that taught you as an undergraduate also joins in congratulating you. Then that moment, you know you are on the right path toward achieving what life has in stock for you. You are able to achieve this due to the efforts you have emphasised irrespective of your years of study.

My fellow students, I urge you to challenge yourself towards discovering your talents and potentials, realising that whatever is worth doing is worth doing well and does not worth doing because we are forced to do so. Achieving our goals in life can be made a lot easier if we realise who we are and also what we really want to achieve so we can take it upon ourselves on working towards the right path in achieving what life has in stock for us.

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