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What does ‘it’ looks like?
18. May 2020 at 22:08
The ever insatiable student who's constantly groped with criteria of making a well-lived life can only find true contentment from within and only that happiness stays. The depth that one carries is the only true beauty. Self-reflection and confidence will always be at your rescue so never let that fade away.

What does ‘it’ looks like?


What does an intelligent mind looks like,

What does a woman in technology looks like,

What does a strong academia base looks like,

What does utter knowledgeable brain looks like.


Hah; stupid ideas all around,

Much insane fantasies on top of that,

Big buildings and boards, quality crowd and climate,

Foreign lands and currencies, classic lifestyle!


Growing numbers, on and on, all over, throughout

How would success look like?

Inability, not happening, hard luck, boom!

I see it all every day, every moment, bashed!


Beauty in eyes and smile, hard-working hands,

Just a graduation picture is not enough to show.

Let me show my back and pose too, showing off,

Hah! Burning, expecting, falling apart, still chasing.


Feeling would stay, that's all I know,

Rest is smoke, comfort and pamper or just cover up.

Can't let go the ambition of money,

Let me know; who got it enough and easy?


What does significant work done mean,

What does ‘legendary life lived’ look like,

What does ‘just something like this’, a wanting mean,

What does remarkable ability look like.


Hah! I've left a piece of me in all the above,

Madden by overwhelming frames in and on papers.

Binge these with the confidence excluding over,

Find fun and enjoy basking in your own glow!

--- Siddiqa Magar

Cite This Article As: Siddiqa Magar . "What does ‘it’ looks like?." International Youth Journal, 18. May 2020.

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