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We Only Try To Be
10. May 2019 at 14:52
In the light of the environmental situation of today's world, it is a must that we go ahead and bring about awareness in our own unique ways; for in reality, we are not aware, or at least, we only try to be.

Look deep into this paper. Read every word with focus. Negate all sources of attention from the outside world for this essay. And after reading, I want you to prove me wrong.

Imagine the Earth. It is all alone but flourishing with beauty and harmony. It is in sync with the laws of nature, and everything is balanced. It is stunning, isn’t it – the idea of an environment that is almost perfect, with the profound thought of peace?

As I write this essay with my laptop, the sheer second that I breathe or the mere time that I blink, the world is constantly being consumed by the very inhabitants that live on this beautiful planet—us.

Now lies the big question: Why do we continue to neglect our world through the years? Why do we continue to forget that this planet is our home—our home to protect and love, that this planet is responsible for giving us our security and the very chance of existence? Are we not the stewards who are supposed to take care of our land?

On this note, I would like to use this essay as a medium to bring about the change I want to make: fighting off pollution—the very thing we made because of our selfishness.

We are not aware of pollution, or at least, we only try to be. Before trying to make a change, we must accept to ourselves that pollution is real. Global warming is real. Climate change is real. We should start now while it is not yet too late.

With that, my proposition is to bring awareness. It is true that governments across multiple countries have already made their move to bring awareness to its peoples. But sadly, the world continues to deteriorate and decline in state. So how do we bring about awareness? The answer to this? We don’t give up. In fact, we should continue to expand the propagation of mediums of awareness. By that, we find more ways on how to bring awareness to each and every one’s mind.

The educational sector has a great deal to do with bringing awareness. Strengthening the propaganda against pollution by adding classes involving awareness for the environment is a great start. By bringing awareness to millenials, the roots of the next generation are sure to be plump and plentiful.

Besides the educational sector to be strengthened, governments across the world could put together seminars and campaigns for families, neighborhoods, and companies on how they could help support the propaganda. Let’s tackle this one by one.

For families, the three R’s (Reuse, Recycle, Reduce) could further be acknowledged. With this, non-biodegradables that are commonly found inside homes such as plastics, foams, and metals could be reused or recycled to prevent these materials stock up the ocean with millions of tons of garbage yearly which contaminate the wildlife that live on it. Families that manage farming could also go for organic farming instead of using artificial fertilizers to avoid ocean contamination as well.

For neighborhoods, each family residing on it could come together as one to form local laws to protect the cleanliness of their areas. For example, the idea of “Proper Waste Management” could be carried out across the streets of the area, and when someone is caught violating, a small punishment of community service as payback would help edify the residents.

And for companies, they create the biggest impact to our environment. This is because they blindly use the most resources and give off the most risk to damage the environment. For example, logging companies that harvest wood for a living simply take and take without securing the field. With proper orientation, these companies would be taught on how to properly gather wood without damaging the surroundings.

Finally, everyone should have a voice. There is no density in trying to avoid this problem. It is real, and by real, it gives threats to the very existence of life. We should make a stand against pollution. This essay, in itself, is a way to bring awareness. We should go ahead and bring about awareness in our own unique ways; for in reality, we are not aware, or at least, we only try to be. Prove me wrong.

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