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02. April 2019 at 09:03
Reality & Imagination have taken a toll already on Mental health & Physical health. These attributes highly reflect on our thought process and identify creation. Read this article to know what you are to Yourself. Before anyone else, what are you? To Yourself.


My mind cannot unsee the images screaming through my ears.

My mind cannot unsee the lies of a promised forever.

My mind cannot filter through the memories of cries.

My mind cannot hold back the raging anger for lost time.

I truly cannot unsee what it would be without anything being wrong with me.

There are always some times when I want to forget what I felt.

There are always times when I want to un-touch people and their reflection in my life alone.

There are times when I want to un-walk a path taken with a friend.

There are times I want to un-say things to My family.

There are times when we want to run into wild places with oddities for us to fit perfectly in. 

And then there are these gushing, golly smiles that make all this un-familiarity very much basic.

All the walks.

All the running.

All the hiding

All the secrets

All the hate.

All the shyness

All the care, somehow makes us this amazing being with attributes we all love ourselves for.

So embrace.

Catch on!

Breathe and Sigh.

Un-Seeing things is most likely an illusion to again live under the imagination of a mind caught in Hoping and Living.

So don't.

See what is right before you.

Hear what you think is right.

Do what you think is needed.

Feel what you want to feel.

Restrictions are meant for un-real people.

At the end of this sentence you can ask only one thing.

Are you Real ?

To yourself.

Cite This Article As: Suman Mercy Sundar. "Un-Me." International Youth Journal, 02. April 2019.

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