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Ukrainian mentality: advantages and disadvantages
30. June 2018 at 23:29
Every person is unique, has its own character, interests and values. However, some personal characteristics and even behavior depend on culture and society where the human lives. Common personal characteristics between people are called mentality. Beliefs, values and ideas of people bear their mentality.
Ukrainian mentality has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Firstly, Ukrainians are famous for their hospitality. People here are always ready to meet guests and give them much time and attention. They are always willing to help in any situation and try to make guests glad and excited.

Secondly, Ukrainians are hard working. During the history of Ukraine, we can see how hard people have been working. As Ukraine has fertile lands people worked on fields to give all the best to their families. We are freedom lovers. However, our desirable freedom isn’t with us all the time. History can show us how hard situations in society at different time makes Ukrainians strong and value their freedom, rights and opportunities. It also made us patient and enduring. Steady Ukrainians have been always defending and fighting for justice.

But why do good people have many problems in its society?
Most of our troubles depend on the bad sides of our mentality. Firstly, most of Ukrainians can be irresponsible for their actions. There are the idiom that describes this characteristic the best: « I have nothing to do with it, and it is none of my business». Despite that it isn’t about all Ukrainians, such people’s indifference makes many problems in society. The next quality is envy. Of course, it is not about all people, but some can be mad because of success of others. It’s a pity that Ukrainians can be so miserable. The last one is that Ukrainians a freebie lovers. If they have an opportunity to take something, they’ll take as much as they can even they don’t need it. It sometimes looks so funny and stupid.

However all good and bad qualities are important because they make us who we are and without them we aren’t real ones. So all Ukrainians should proud of good sides of our mentality and do the best to reduce bad ones. I strongly recommend everybody to think what citizens in your country looks like, what good and bad qualities of your nation’s mentality are.
Cite This Article As: Anna Kontseba. "Ukrainian mentality: advantages and disadvantages ." International Youth Journal, 30. June 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/ukrainian-mentality-advantages-and-disadvantages

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