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Top 5 Global Youth Science Entrepreneurs 2017
24. August 2017 at 14:05
by Lilli Nguyen Phirun
The world faces a tremendous amount of issues that have to be solved. Although it seems as if the educational level and the scientific understanding of the general public decreases more, we observe a hand full of inspiring youths that use their scientific knowledge to achieve great successes.
They have successfully proven their outstanding capabilities in competitions, projects or start-ups. This year we carefully selected five young minds as Global Youth Science Entrepreneurs 2017 to honor their achievements.

Fabian Schneider

Fabian Schneider is one of the top students in Germany and was able to win a variety of competitions and awards due to his knowledge gained through personal research and scientific institutes. He is founder of several startups and organisations such as YPPO or BoM and is engaged in several research projects. He has published his first scientific paper with an age of 19 and his actions and capabilities are inspiring to many youths around the world.

Boyan Slat

This boy started his inspiring activism concerning the oceans of the sees in young age and has established a successful startup that aims to clear the world plastic from the oceans today. His encouragements is motivational for all students around the world.

Michelle Nkamankeng

This young girl from South Africa has become a professional author and published multiple successful books already. The is on a great way to have a great entrepreneur future and has proven her skills already today.

Ram Neupane

He is the YPPO Country Representative of Nepal and is on a great way to build up a huge group of scientifically and environmentally interested youths in Nepal. Besides being a top student of his school he is actively organized workshops and seminars and is truly a scientific youth entrepreneur of 2017.

Olivia Hallisay

She is the winner of the Google Science Fair and has inspired several people due to her outstanding research and interest in medicine. She was involved in several scientific ceremonies and received many awards. Her capabilities and development of medical products make her clearly a scientific youth entrepreneur of 2017.

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