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To My Beloved
13. October 2018 at 09:01
What if Mother Nature could suddenly speak? What would she say to us human beings?
Dear beloved,
Do you still remember the days
When we would try every way
To see each other
Even though I had to sneak off from my mother

Does your mind recall
How often you used to call
Just to hear my voice
And often it was an unconscious choice

Do you often dream about yesteryears
As we raise a glass of wine saying cheers
For the dates that often never ended
And the numerous roses that you gave me from the garden that you tended

But do you still remember
Or am I the only one hanging on to the embers
Of a love that was once a burning fire
Now it holds the charred pieces of our love in a pyre

All along I hold these memories close
If only to give our chapter a close
However give me some time
To figure out why you acted like a mime

You acted cold
And right there and then I’ve lost my hold
On you, on us
So ride on the nostalgic bus

I saw you watch closely the relationship of Joker and Harley Quinn
But walked away because you couldn’t understand why I’m crying about the abuse done against a penguin
You stay up late for the telly
Yet you skip the National Geographic Channel to avoid hearing the animals’ growling belly

You worked constantly to increase globalization and market capitalization
Not caring if it came with environmental degradation
You worried along with the world about the threats made by the ISIS
But why not wonder about the state of how our ice is

You trouble yourself with memes of Alden Richards dressing up like Thor
But never notice people like Al Gore
I bet you haven’t heard that the Amazon Rain Forest
Is now a desert in terms modest

You eat foie gras with glee
But never hear the ducks and goose in a melee
As they feel that death comes upon them
So that their liver could be eaten

Fingers crossed
That instead of playing ROS
You are aware about the extensive destruction of agricultural land in Iran, Pakistan and the Levant
But I get that these are not the countries you stan
Perhaps because they are not Korean

Love, I thought you were different
But I guess I just wasn’t that significant
And now I start to regret
For never placing my bet
On the Native American
Who paled against you in comparison
But unlike you
He showed consideration
Exerted appropriate limitation
Initiated global reparation
To show how he treats me to the next seven generations

Maybe this is what the Mayans predicted
Not through asteroids or fatal solar flares will we be afflicted
But the slow inability to cherish life
And the introduction of strife
So look around,
The end will abound
It started with our story
And no matter what you do, it will not change just by saying sorry
Love, if ever you get to read this
Or if you hear me say this
Know that I’m tired
I’m now wired
To numerous machines
Trying to keep me awake so that you can achieve the slogan “Clean and Green”

I hope that I can still say all our stories to our grandkids
But if I say this I might sound like a kid
Always wishing for the unreachable,
Roads that are impassable,
You are like a star something that shines
But as far as I can remember you were never mine

Love, if you ever get to read this
I hope you reminisce
The life we had together with bliss
As I blow you one last kiss

Good bye for now, my love
Know that I tried to fight free from my cage like a dove
But it was not enough
Your heart is simply too tough.

Humans like you
Find it hard to be true
To stand up to the occasion
To minimize pollution
Save me from destruction
Because all you care about is construction
Creating numerous concessionaires
In order to be big billionaires

But love,
I think you need to be shoved
Wake up with the truth
And save our planet to boot
Plant trees;
Cultivate honey bees;
Globally warm our souls;
And mitigate the change climate around the poles;
Because unless someone cares an awful lot
Nothing is going to get better, it’s not

All the best and all the love,
Mother Nature from above

Cite This Article As: Francine Beatriz Pradez. "To My Beloved." International Youth Journal, 13. October 2018.

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