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Things I learned from depression
06. August 2019 at 09:03
This is the story of the darkest time of my life. The time when I felt like I had nothing left. After I was left unloved and heartbroken. That time proved to be my best teacher. This was when I went through the most feared emotion of all… depression!!

In one of my previous articles, I have already talked about the events of my final year in college/my love life and how it all went downhill. I have already mentioned in that article that I was left sad and depressed. And I got out of it by finding my passion for traveling and writing. However, I didn’t mention the details of my depression and what all I learned from it. So, here we go.

I was very tensed and depressed after the events that took place during my last year in college. I knew that I was in depression. I refused to eat, stopped talking to friends, denied having fun, and lost a considerable amount of weight. She was all I thought about during that time and no other thought struck my mind.

I started to notice dark circles forming under my eyes and my face becoming thinner. I noticed all of this, but I stopped caring about these things. My friends and family were concerned about me and my health, however, I was just surrounded by her memories. It wasn’t long after that when I started to self-loath.

I started blaming myself for each and everything bad that happened in my life and I still didn’t care about anything. I became so hopeless that the songs and movies that used to make me happy or cheer me up stopped having any effect on me. Happiness and joy had no meaning to me anymore.

I kept living like that for a very long time during which I grew my hair and beard without caring about how I looked. I was so done with life that I lost all the need to do anything. I ate only when I felt really hungry, took baths only when I felt like it and slept only when I felt so sleepy that my eyes would shut by themselves.

Of course, I got out of that phase. I don’t know how that happened and from where did I get the strength to say “enough is enough”. I remembered the trip I took to Australia with my grandfather when I was 14 years old. I remembered how happy I was back then and that’s what motivated me to become the man I am today. I packed my bags, booked one ticket to Australia, and spent a month in that country.

As I was exploring the beautiful country of Australia, I started writing about my experiences. I made writing my habit after that and noticed that it made me happy. I started writing about everything I felt and everywhere I went. I realized that this is the happiest I have ever been in my life.

Even after what I went through, I never criticized my depression. I actually got to learn a lot from that phase of my life.

You Don’t Need Anyone Else To Be Happy

The biggest mistake a person can do is making someone the sole reason for their happiness. The moment you understand that ‘you don’t need anyone but yourself to be happy’, you’ll understand the true meaning of happiness. Just do the things you love to do and you won’t have the need to depend on anyone but yourself.

Happiness And Sadness Are Just Two Sides Of The Same Coin

And the name of that coin is ‘Life’. Just by changing the way you live or do things, you can go from sadness to happiness and even happiness to sadness in just a matter of seconds. Whenever you feel that things are not happening the way you want them to, just take a deep breath and flip the coin.

Life Is A Beautiful Treasure And We Shouldn’t Waste It

You must be thinking, how can someone waste life? By thinking about the past. What is gone is gone. Stop living in the past, stop thinking about the future, and live in the present. The same has been said by Buddha, “do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment”. So, live in the moment and appreciate what you have.

Anything Is Possible If You Have True Willpower And Determination

The most important ingredients of the process of making something happen are willpower and determination. Nothing can stop you from being happy and fulfilled if you have these two partners with you. Just believe in yourself and have faith in what you have.

Cite This Article As: Kunal Bansal Chandigarh. "Things I learned from depression." International Youth Journal, 06. August 2019.

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