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There is Nothing Except You
16. May 2019 at 00:08
This is a article describing the different stages a person acquire, when he starts a journey to the enlightenment, knowing, and learning patience. I observed the thinking, behavior and the circumstance faced by the character. Article reveals truth about how a person reacts when he is learning a way to Infinity. This is a fictional work.

The Universe is infinite, endless, limitless and unpredictable. Most of the treasures are hidden under the dark shadow of unconsciousness and unknowing of the Human Being, while secrets are kept open for the beautiful flowers which shower the fragrance of love even in the deserted garden. Contemplating over the flow of life, the way it flows, cause and reason of to be flown, will result in to have insight of something confusing. Whenever one has tried to understand the mysteries, and has gotten numerous conclusions that has made puzzled over the game of this life, which having good and bad mode too.

In every Walk of life, Men have always been trapped in the labyrinth of unknowing and undefined. One should ponder over the central force that drives the life. lets come, and find a way to the outside World, and sit by side, and then analyse the circumstances neutrally. After having thought about it, you will come across number of conclusions, and numerous answers. Sometimes, you would feel that, This world is like a place where neither colors are nor a real soul to the life exist but sometimes totally opposite.Multiple types of questions surround in everybody’s mind related with everything present in the Universe. Sometimes, about physical things or abstract concepts. Never wonder about the wonders of life, because they are as nature governs them, which are beyond the common minds. Life is unpredictable, and undetermined. You have to live and experiment everything. Questions remains unanswered at the end of searching, but you have to unlock your intuition power.

Emptiness would be blowing into the air, touching your body, and making you feel you are alone with unknown.There is nothing you really own, you are left alone, everyone is an individual being. You have to be your own-self, accept yourself as you are, can help you to make yourself able enough to know yourself. Start knowing your surrounding , you will come across a result that you are alone, no one is your mate. All have gone nowhere, but you are somewhere in a corner, sitting blindly and doing nothing special.

At first, you will have curiosity knowing about the life, its purpose, and God. You will turn the pages to know something more and more about it, you would love to discuss on the topics with persons, you would present counter arguments if they are debating and supporting their own ideas. You will talk about great things which everybody will wonder how this came in his little mind. You would be thinking of yourself something unique. And then you will wish to make yourself different from others, means unique.You will read your religious books, in order to be aware about what your Holy Books says.

When you start imagining and understanding the life, then it seems that life is totally meaningless.There is a meaning in knowing yourself and finding yourself. When you sit aside for yourself and dating yourself then you will find yourself alone, there would be no attachment of people or things , just you and emptiness would be there. When you will have a deep insight on profound silence and overwhelming thoughts of the loneliness then you will start realizing that you are alone with unknown, you will feel a presence which is utterly beautiful.This can also help you to understand that you are only responsible for everything which is happening or had happened with you, and finally, slowly and gradually you will start finding a place to silence zone, where you can talk with yourself uninterruptedly.

This stage comes when you become eager and curious to find a path to infinity. In the beginning, you want a coach to teach you the methodology and teaching which will take you to the Divine. You become a searcher, wanderer and seeker, you would be in hurry to get everything quickly. You want to know everything that resides in this universe, you will think about everything, from tiny particle to massive objects like stars, earth, planet, solar system, and this whole universe that How they are created, How they are ? their working principle?,etc. You will ask everything from everyone, will find yourself always among the friends and people around you, discussing and arguing on your questions and thinking. you will find yourself almost every time in conversation or you will be in silent and dark room, asking yourself and talking with your mirror.

And finally you will find a Master in this vast universe. You will praise your Master that he or she is a bridge that will connect you to the One, but one day, you will realize that there wasn’t need of any Master but you and only you were. In reality, infinity is inside you, what you have to do is enlighten your inner being and find enlightened. When you start observing and analyzing people and yourself, you will find that people and you are playing a game of words and conversation, where, actually, is no need of words. Everything depends upon your intentions, if they are good, then no matter which type of words you use in your communication.

And there would be a day, when you would be among the people, but will find yourself discussing foolish things which have nothing beneficial. When there was no concept of any language, then there were languages of love and feeling, which carried true meaning. Nowadays, people have words to express their feelings but they do not have actual meaning of words. Words are not words but nothing, the thing which does not have any meaning , it is called meaningless that’s why words or not words that are literally meant.

Once again, there would be a day, you will find nothingness and emptiness around you. This would be your stage when you would have feeling of abandoning all attachments plus desires.

People always sees negativity in others but not in them, you have to think and ponder over your mistakes but realization of your fault only occurs when you are at the stage of learning patience and accepting your present state.People always talk and debate on different things without knowing reality. Many times, you start finding the persons who can guide you but remember, there is no one except you to guide yourself to the journey of enlightenment.

Cite This Article As: Deep Solanki. "There is Nothing Except You." International Youth Journal, 16. May 2019.

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