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24. August 2019 at 09:00
Mysteries are everywhere around us. Human mind always tried to understand it. Training of mind is very important goal which is hardly being focus of centres where we think we learn & educate. Such a capable & well prepared mind can do tons of things. We just need to realise on it.

We're working mind every day. But most of us didn't focus on very basic aspects of it. The fear to explore our own mind commits a path with least flow of life.

Such a thing can only be understood when we give ourselves sometime.

So what's "the unsolved"??

Now let me reveal this unsolved is overlooked facts about our own self.

Well I'm not going to say "Do you know facts" here instead I chose a different way of saying who you know.

With such a simple thing as to sit straight in comfortable position can make you such a powerful receiver that when you learn can download entire cosmos.

( Verses of Hat Yog...)

For any logical head it might seems illogical but it is well know & tested experiment that one of very primary thing we learn is not coincidence. As we started speaking or walking or listening or eating someday.

We know this from the first day that food or milk that was our food that time goes in mouth & not in ear or nose.

When we are observing without any word and one day others who care start saying things to us to speak they don't teach the tongue to dance in mouth or vocal box of neck they simply repeat & we learn by our own ways.

We are not taught any lessons on how to balance just supported many times to learn from our own.

As one of my favourite example "To walk" I still don't calculate the means of balancing such a big body on my two foots that is also cury in my case so I am in contact with the ground less than 80% still can walk perfect and is good runner naturally.

Mind don't use equations to decide that how much force is required to turn or stop or balance of floor etc..

But it knows it all very naturally. So what's unsolved here is this-

When you're hurt of treated many times you learn again to walk like a child. You can feel the force that you need to put the balance you make just to walk that you never notice in general.

This concludes that a Higher intelligence is working within us. If we taste it & get in tune I don't think atleast complex mathematics is a big deal to know about. You just need to write or see what you already know.

The complex chemical factory our body is producing all the reaction necessary for life without any external beaker or temperature or anything. It's complete within.

The unsolved mysteries are many and just facts will take whole of my words if I go by.

So here I would like to draw your attention to a very basic aspect " Sit Straight" and you can download the cosmos.

Work as a observer and make your mind your playground to learn. You will learn at much faster rate if you go by this.

Practice until your body becomes naturally active in all ways. As I read but don't vocalise it. As I can type fast without remembering all the letters position on keypad but my it's under my finger nails they know where is what ...

I just practiced a while and now I can say my fingers have eyes. They see I don't I just think once I trained it.

I think most of us experience the same or similar things.

I will come up with a stepwise technique in my next post by which you can master your mind in 48 hours.

My IQ goes by 170+ how much you are aspiring??

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "THE UNSOLVED." International Youth Journal, 24. August 2019.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/the-unsolved

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