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The top 2%
15. March 2019 at 20:24
Well its interesting to note that most of us are interested in knowing about the top 2%. Do you know why?? Because top 2% are continuously reading about rest 98%. Yes, they do. They do show us the path of progress that we're going to follow for rest of our lives.

Everyday ... They work that extra hour to make the world a better place. They do know that we have only one planet to live, only one life either. No matter how much tragic your life be & you say that I live its my rebirth. I must say that. You're in same body with same mind but might have definitely a changed mindset. 

And that becomes key to the life. Either you may call it, they act for personal gains OR for their ethics to serve the world. No matter what. But if you do right things, Right things will happen anyway! Start thinking & acting for 98% & welcome to top 2% club. Read any business article or any political manifesto. Any way they say to serve the world. Good or bad that might depends upon many factors. Trust me that 2% is asking for your help. It's you who have to decide. We generally read that they solve problems. 

If you read about them its global good but if you read about 98% you might become part to change the lives of 98% & get interested into it. You may ask a question after this that do i think that i can change everything with just one article. I must answer this.

"No" is my first answer but when you will work & take a stand I'm sure everything will change. One article might can't do anything but one person, One kid & only one dream when becomes a life form & "Karmth" one of whose many meaning is hardworking can change the world. I'm sure!! I'm that sure on you that if "YOU" transform the entire Cosmos will. Thank You.

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "The top 2%." International Youth Journal, 15. March 2019.

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