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The Struggle To Guilty A Powerful Man Against a Weak Woman In a Corrupt World
08. February 2020 at 20:21
This article explains to aspects of structural violence in many societies. The first one is "Structural Violence Against Women" and the second one is about "Structural Violence Against Weak People by the Wealthy Ones"

The Garden of Burning Sand was second of Addison’s best international sellers on human rights issue and modern days slavery. The book talks about a low syndrome girl who was raped by an elite class man. Her case was investigated by an American human rights lawyer and a local policeman. This paper will analyze two aspects of structural violence that existed in Zambian society. It will talk about the violence of rape against young women and the elite mafia who are hard to be proven wrong in Zambian society. 

A little girl with low syndrome was walking down the street in the dark when a man, in an SUV, offered her a candy. With the candy, the little girl lost her conscious and was taken by the man to be raped. (p 5) In many African countries, the rape of young girls isn’t an unknown thing, neither is it stopable to this day. “She heard a click like a door latch and felt the man’s hands pushed her into a cramped space blacker than the sky,” (p5) This quote explains what happened to the little girl when she was “systematically kidnapped” by a man on the road. Before knowing anything about the man, one must understand that it is not unusual for children to get raped in the African countries. The society is tolerant towards this horrific crimes because of many structures that are created by the people of the society. Once a child or girl, or even a woman is raped, it is almost impossible for them to speak up. From my knowledge of many of these countries, it is known that even the legal structure of the country does not support the women or raped children very much. The book also claimed that the rapists are sometimes the family members. The idea of raping children comes from having sex with someone clean and untouched. The disease of aids in the country is so large that many rapists turn towards the kids. It is also well known that even if the family comes to know about the rape of their kid, many times they decided to stay quite on the name of honor. 

The structure of almost no legal help makes it easier for the rapists to misconduct with the children. Rapists are not accountable to anyone and this gives them the freedom to continue doing so. But in this case there are people who decided to investigate the issue. Policeman Joseph, along with American Human Rights lawyer Zoe, decided to work on this case after he finds the little girl in a hospital. (ch 2) The doctor at the hospital tells the policeman and Zoe that rape of young children is a very common thing in Lusaka, Zambia. (ch 2) One reason for this, once again, is high percentage of aids in adult population. 

Not speaking up for what's happened to them, also stops victims from getting justice. This little girl also didn’t say anything for a long time. In certain cultures, women and even young girls are taught to stay quiet no matter what. This gives a great deal of help to the rapists. Even if a woman or a young girl wants to speak up against such violence, it is almost similar to risking your life to death. 

As the paper discussed, very few cases of rapes are investigated in some countries like Zambia. After finding out little girl’s identity, policeman Joseph and Zoe decided to find the rapist and work against him. In a short passage of time, policeman Joseph finds the rapist which turned out to be a nightmare. In chapter 7, the policeman reveals that the suspect’s name is Darious Nyambo. Nyambo belongs to a very rich family in Zambia. His father is an elite class businessman and former Minister of Energy. His mother is a Supreme Court Judge. (p.90) The struggle to fight against a man of his high class family brought lots of problems for Joseph and Zoe. One of the people working with them thought it is almost impossible to fight against such a rich man but both Joseph and Zoe seemed determined. The elite class of Darious highlights the other structural issue with the rape violence. In many third world countries it is extremely hard to enforce a law on such a wealthy person. It comes with the possibilities of getting killed and that is why we see lots of journalists, human rights activists and lawyers getting killed in those countries. Driving in my personal experience, it is well known that in those countries you can easily buy the policemen, if not them then judges. In this case Darious himself is the son of a judge while in many other cases people use money to buy these judges. 

The issue of reporting starts as soon as an FIR is written against a rapist. Many policemen will not take it seriously and even if they do the richer people know their way out. One can easily pay money to the police and make the case disappear. Even if the case reaches the court, the wealthy ones have great idea about not showing up or even disappearing the judge. This practice is also seen in other countries like India and Pakistan. The story of Sita and her sister by the author of this book very well mentions how policemen or other law enforcements are always involved with the rapists in these types of cases. Such strong structural behaviors leave only one path for the girls, suicide. 

This paper analyzes two greatest problems that a rape victim has to face in a country like Zambia. The problem for women to take an action and the rich mafia’s ability to stop it. This book is a great example of how this can be turned down. With increasing globalization, the lawyers from well developed countries can very much work with the people from the host country who are willing to make an impact. From Joseph and Zoe, we learned that it can be extremely difficult as it comes with life danger. But a bigger group of people working at the same time could do a lot. In the recent times, the media is a great tool to fight this issue. In order to fix this issue, the shaming on rapists on media could bring a great change. But that also becomes possible when the corrupt elements of rich mafia are taken away from the cases.

Cite This Article As: Muhammad Bilal Tahir. "The Struggle To Guilty A Powerful Man Against a Weak Woman In a Corrupt World." International Youth Journal, 08. February 2020.

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