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The Small Businesses in Somali
17. July 2018 at 23:09
There are many entetpuners in Somali , this study will argue the small business in Somali and so the main benefit of Small business. However the trade rose significant with the economic growth , since 1970 the Somali people crowed the cities and towns, They need Businesses after that grdual arise for export and import so the trade will have a positive impact on Economic growth in Somali.
To start a business in Somalia opens great opportunities. But according to the current situation, it’s not so good as it was before. The economy is growing stronger with each passing day. This has led to an increase in business opportunities in the country. I have compiled a list of the top 50 business ideas that you could consider to make the most of the present economic boom. Somalia is recovering its past glory! Its economy is getting stronger.

Accounting for over 15% of employment for the people of Somali , agriculture is vital. There are different types of crops that can be grown in the country ranging from cereals to fibre crops and flowers, Banana , etc. Although the trade is export and import are thus seen as source of Economic growth in Somali.

Benefits of Owning Small Businesses
The owners of Small business believe in the work harder ,to earn more money and are happier than working at a large Company. Entrepreneurs enjoy many benefits of Owning Small business , including the following:

1. opportunity to gain control over own Destiny
Entetpuners cite Controlling their own Destinies as one of benefit of Owning their own Business, Owning Business provides entetpuners the independent and opportunity to achieve.

2. Freedom
They free their Business and Their time is other benefits of Owning Small business special Entetpuners.

3. Financial Benefits
They have only financial Benefits is other benefits of Owning Small business special Entetpuners.

4. Independent lifestyle
After Central Government General Mohamed Siyad Bare 1991 . increase Somali women entetpuners Step by step because they cover their Families and Children t as Statistics 52% women work for Somali Business .

Cite This Article As: Abdisalan Ahmed Hussein Fidow. "The Small Businesses in Somali." International Youth Journal, 17. July 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/the-small-businesses-in-somali

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