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The reawakening evil of rape in Nigeria
02. February 2019 at 09:01
It is unarguably, that everyone in this country( boys and girls, men and women, male and female) is entitled to self dignity, liberty and shall not be subjected to inhumane treatment and non should be deprived nor shunned, castigated and violated by any individual individual however high so ever or how low so ever placed.
The Laws of our country are rightly Placed and have laid relative punishment for violation.This right and protection is for all but it is so sadden that in this era of advancement such right and dignity are being deprived.

In order to let this article reach its peak, I will like to bring to the fore a term "rape". To partake among those patriotic people , those aiming and intending good for the country and seek and hope its eradication, I intend to give a brief definition of rape and its causes.

In a nutshell, rape is a Threat, Intimidation,force to have Sexual Intercourse or other sexual Activity upon another Person, without his/her Consent. Rape has become a global ill, so far that it is clear to every current reader what am trying to portray in this art. As I am writing, it has gotten to a stage that every morning when turning to any social media like Facebook,WhatsApp and Instagram among others one will see series of account and broadcast about rape, in the Newspapers, Television Authorities and Radio Stations.

The effect of this cause on our people cannot be left unmentioned and untouched, it has seriously affected our people in a way that the victims needs to be sympathized for its adverse effects. To uplift this write up, the likes of listing will not be used. It effects vary depending on the severity of the torture and body statue.

Firstly,it has physical effects and that is instant, if the rapist has used violence to the victim, though the victim needs immediate hospital treatment. However, the physical effect may also involve the following consequences such as painful intercourse, urinary infections, uterine fibroid, unwanted pregnancy and the transmitted diseases.

In addendum, another effect cause by rape is psychological effects, the victim will surely experience this effect either short or long term basis. The most common consequences of this effect is self blame. Other effects include are : post -traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, flashbacks, sleeping disorders, eating disorders, anger, guilt, and feeling of personal powerlessness.

Different opinions of writers have been shared about the causes of rape in Nigeria which I will also use to back up my own point here, the causes mentioned are:
Firstly, Lax rape laws in Nigeria: this is the main reason why rapists in Nigeria are so free and fearless. The Nigeria laws lack of implementation, they are only documented on the paper and to protect the justice of the law which states " the Nigeria citizens are equal " must be implemented.
Secondly, indecent dressing of nowadays women: the way women dress at our various society provides the expo... Read more
Cite This Article As: Abdulrahman Abdulganiyu. "The reawakening evil of rape in Nigeria." International Youth Journal, 02. February 2019.

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