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The Rainforest Destruction Cam
15. May 2017 at 04:33
by Simon Govender
The destruction of Rainforests all over the world increases dramatically. Since nations all over the world profit by the extensive amounts of wood the extent of the problem is being kept hidden from society. We will deploy multiple cameras at the borders of the rain forest that will live stream the situations.
The goal is to raise awareness about the current situations in rainforests and to point out the dramatically increase in destruction. This has to stop! We want to show that the industries which are responsible for cutting wood are not taking care of animals, the environment and verify the assumption of corruption in these industries.

There are several important key steps:

The streaming platform would be most likely Therefore it is important to talk to them about the idea, and ask them for allowance.
The next steps would be to find somebody in the community who lives near the borders of a rainforest(We will start with which ever rainforest is the nearest for a member). When found, the infrastructure needs to be build for livestreaming: Coninously connected to the internet, no danger of stealing the camera and so on and so forth.
Cite This Article As: Simon Govender. "The Rainforest Destruction Cam." International Youth Journal, 15. May 2017.

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