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The Promise
20. June 2018 at 20:05
It was a story of a happy family. The father, the mother and the only son lived in the lap of a pictorial valley. The parents loved the baby most. The father wanted to bring up the child as he wished. Things were going on according to his will.
The days were passing by nicely until that day. After the lunch the baby was asleep. The parents were gossiping among themselves in the drawing room. The baby woke up with the sound of gunfire and the painful screams of his parents. He was frightened. He was too little to understand what was happening. After sometimes he got up from the bed and went to the drawing room in search of his parents. He found his parents’ body imbrued with blood. They were lying on the floor and the floor was awashed with their blood. The boy started crying. His father was not still dead. He called his beloved son beside him in faint voice. The child rushed there.

The father said to his son, “Son, you must make promise to me before my death.” The son replied, “Yes, father. I will.” “Promise me, if you find these culprits in some times, you will not take revenge. You will finish what I couldn’t do. You will always care for humanity. You will help my people until death. Promise me…”“Promise, father.” The poor soul of the father departed the body. The son cried and cried. But the father didn’t respond. He never could.

25 years passed by. It was 2017. The son had grown up by the flow of time. He hadn’t forgotten the promise made to his father. Rather he had prepared himself according to his father’s will. He had finished all of his studies on Law. Because he thought that it could help him in the in the near future. He was earning his bread and butter well. And he remembered the promise made to his father.

One day, he was surfing the websites on internet. Suddenly, he noticed a news about the torture on Rohingyas by the Army of Myanmar. This phenomenon made him curious. He started observing the facts about Rohingyas. He found that the Rohingyas were living in the states of Arakan of the Myanmar for more than 1000 years. But suddenly the Government of Myanmar declined their citizenship in 1982 by “The Burmese Citizenship act-1982”. Since then they were being suppressed everywhere in the country. According to the UN they were one of the most suffered tribes of the world. They didn’t have the right of education, property, marriage, birth certification and even travelling. Even they were deprived of their fundamental rights.

Since August-September of 2017, mass killing of Rohingyas had been started in Arakan of Myanmar. Their houses were being burnt and they were pushed to enter neighboring country Bangladesh. By that time the “Rohingya Issue” had come to the limelight. He remembered the promise made to his father. He thought that it would be a great chance for him to serve the humanity. So, at first, he went to Bangladesh to observe the actual condition of the Rohingyas. He was dishearted to see the nature of torture inflicted on them by the army of Myanmar. He felt the situation of Rohingyas. He observed the unbearable, heart-bleeding sufferings of the Rohingyas. He saw them being miserable. So, he decided to stand beside the Rohingyas. He joined in the volunteer program of UNHCR and started serving the Rohingyas officially. He sold all his excess properties and contributed the refugee fund. The amount was not so less as a personal contribution.

Day by day, the condition of Rohingyas got worse. Every day the number of Rohingya on the refugee camp was increasing. He started exchanging his views and sympathy with them. Rohingyas started finding confidence in him. They kept trust on him. And they started expressing the stories of their pain and grief to him. He was able to realize the mental condition of Rohingyas. At last he took his ultimate decision – “To return Rohingyas their own land Arakan.” He will liberate the Arakan as well as the Rohingyas. And he remembered the promise made to his father.

He communicated with the then Rohingyan leaders. At first, the Rohingyan leaders were amazed to listen his plan. But soon they understood the contained truth and importance of the plan. They all agreed to him. The Rohingyan leaders started to reunite the broken community. They were able to make their people understand how the independence, the sovereignty of Arakan as well as the Rohingyas would come. The whole Rohingyan community got united. They started a revolutionary movement being united.

The time seemed proper to him to make an application to the International Court of Justice on Rohingya issue. So he made the application. The movement of Rohingyas for liberation were getting stronger day by day. As he was a lawyer and as he worked with the Rohingyas, he was able to make understand the people of the world about the crisis of them. He highlighted the problems of the Rohingyas. He also highlighted the torture inflicted on them and put an emphasis on their liberation. The International Court of Justice gave the order to make a referendum on liberation of the Rohingyas in the UN General Assembly.

More complicated his tasks became. But he was happy that there was a huge chance of him becoming successful. He deeply understood that he was in need of international support to liberate the Rohingyas. He urged upon all the people of the world to make a movement for the liberation of the Rohingyas. He started travelling countries to countries with the Rohingyan leaders to make the Head of the Government of that countries understand to give their votes in favour of liberation of the Rohingyas. As the people of different countries started movement in favour of the Rohingyas, his tasks became easier.

As he was one of those who were helping the Rohingyas most, there was an attack upon him. But he knew that such day would come. So he was already prepared. However, when he found that he was on the verge of being attacked, he leaded the attacking team to previously prepared trap. The team got caught red-handed. After primary interrogation he came to know that they were from the same person who killed his parents. But because of the promise he made to his father, he did not take any action on that culprit. At last the day designated for the referendum came. He was very much tensed. Because if he failed, he would fail his father too. All his life’s work would go in vain.

But the luck kissed him. Most of the countries of the world voted in favour of the liberation of Rohingyas as well as Arakan. The proposal was passed exclusively. “The People’s Republic of Arakan” started its journey. The long cherished dream of thousands of Rohingyas came to light. He became a hero to the Rohingyas. World famous magazine “The Times” termed him as the “Brother of Rohingyas”.

But a question arose in the mind of most of the Rohingyas. The question was – “Why would a person help a suppressed tribe so much taking risk of his life whereas he has no connection with them?” Most of the people thought that it was out of humanity. Of course, out of humanity it was. But only a few of them knew the right as well as the secret answer. The answer was that he was also a Rohingya.

How? His father was a Rohingya and his mother was a British citizen. He looked alike a British not alike a Rohingya. So everybody thought him as a British. He was British by birth but a Rohingya in mind. He made the promise to fulfill his father’s dream to his father. He was successful. The world recognized him by awarding him with the renowned “Nobel Peace Prize”. A small promise gave birth to a very big impact. The small promise gave birth to a liberated nation, a sovereign country. He was truly a hero.

2 months later.When all these circumstances settled down, he just simply disappeared. He was found nowhere. After 4 years. A couple was sitting on the sea-shore on a solitary island, gossiping among themselves and watching their little girl playing with the ocean. The girl suddenly found a very beautiful sea-shell. Being so much happy, she ran to his father, “Daddy, Daddy, I will keep it in the showcase.” The father smilingly answered, “Okay, my little princess.” Getting up the couple grappled the hands of the little girl. They started moving towards their house inside the Island.

And it was the starting of another story of a happy family…
Cite This Article As: Md. Imroz Shahriar Shaik. "The Promise." International Youth Journal, 20. June 2018.

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