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The Power of Volunteering For Sustainable Development
29. May 2017 at 09:06
It takes giant to make decisions on volunteering at this era of unemployment crises.Young people can only make a life out of selfless devotion in volunteering than to be money conscious. The decision to leave your comfort zone and stay with people of Different background is a bold decision that only dedicated and passionate young people can make.
As a young person who has great passion for community development and transforming life in a manner that seems to be impossible to the layman understanding. After serving International Citizen Service (Challenges Worldwide-Ghana) as a volunteer this was the power I derived from It

Action for Girls Education-Action @ Home

The right of the girl to education is a fundamental human right. As a youth activist and a member of YAG Youth Board, raising the voices of the girls' right to education is of high interest. As part of my Action @ Home project I did for volunteering with Challenges Worldwide, I conducted a survey on girls between 13-17 years in Kofisa village in the Eastern Region of Ghana. From my findings I realized that Girl’s drop-out rate from school in this village was very high due to lack of  School fees, lack of school uniforms, pocket money, school-based violence and discriminatory gender norms are the major obstacles to girls’ education in Kofisa. I therefore recommended to a Youth-led organization that, to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals especially goal 4 (education), 3 (health) to promote peaceful and inclusive society as goal 16 says then, we MUST provide school going materials like books, pens as sponsorship to girls and give scholarships to brilliant girls at least at the basic level of education. My Action @ Home report presented to the organization gave me job opportunity to work with the organization. Through Youth Advocates Ghana (YAG), we are working to break these barriers and to promote the right of the girl child to education. Using community dialogue meetings, provision of welfare support to girls and raising awareness of the importance of girls’ education, we strive to prioritize the education of girls.

My advice to fellow RV’s is that the best way we can impact on our community after ICS journey is to embark on Action @Home. “Together we will transform the world through volunteering”.
Cite This Article As: Francis Ametepey. "The Power of Volunteering For Sustainable Development." International Youth Journal, 29. May 2017.

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