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The Power of Our Desires
01. May 2020 at 22:08
How are your desires guiding you through the path which will lead you to the success of the life which you have been made to live for? When your desires are put right, the later story will be well said of.

People most often talk of their plans in life, the achievements they hope to have achieved in life, the kind of life they hope to live, the course they hope to study, the kind of job they hope to have, the networks they hope to have, and sometimes even the kind of family they envision to have. Aspirations have a natural way of inclination to the unfolded future reality.

But the caption would still be – “what is the driving factor towards achieving all of life’s dreams and aspirations”? Whilst in the thought of that, I came across Engr. Temitope Oshuntuyi, who is a life coach and the founder of the mathematics for life foundation, who spoke on the said concern of our desires being the needed push out towards taking us to the bream of our aspirations, at the Student’s Technical Symposium and Exhibition (STSE) 2020, of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Nigerian council.

Our desire(s) is or are the natural energy required to power us up, to that future we have always envisioned. We have seen people in various sectors who have desired one thing or the other, and with the end result affirming to what they have been desiring; same time we see those who have desired towards one thing, but end up achieving another all different. One would literally wonder why such occurrences!

In his statements, which I paraphrase, Engr. Temitope said, “when our desires are put right, we naturally do find ourselves, doing things that are aimed at actualizing the plans”. A student hoping to study on scholarship will find him or herself surfing through, for various scholarship opportunities that would open up. A person, who would want to have a job, will ideally find himself searching through, for various job openings that would be available for him or her. Hence,what you do or are doing now, must reflect those things you always desire for; else its achievement stands a slim chance.

People like the former Nigerian President - Goodluck Jonathan exemplifies one who has kept in feet with his desire for leadership. Same situation can be said of President Muhammadu Buhari, who contested for the Nigerian Presidency three consecutive times, until the fourth in 2015 which he won.  The innovator of the light bulb – Thomas Edison, tried so many times, with various failures recorded, but his desires kept him pushing the more; with his achievement now a world recorded innovation. We’ve read of the life experiences of those who have had to struggle to land their dream jobs, build their dream houses, live contentedly, innovate mind blowing ideas, and so on.And, with their desires rightly in place, their achievements are speaking out.

A story of five frogs was told; who unfortunately were trapped in a bowl filled with water, with heat source under. At first, they were relaxed; but with time, as the water gets hotter, they all thought of the possible way out, with the only option of jumping their way out of the bowl, which appeared impossible for them. But, one of them desired towards survival, his desires kept him on the run of trying his way out the bowl, whereas the others have giving up. That’s how powerful our desires can take us, towards life existence.

We all as humans, have various deposits in us, which needs to be explored and utilized for the betterment of first – ourselves, then our surrounding environment. And, the actualization of the various purposes for which these deposits are to serve for, is dependent upon how well we keep our desires in check. Because, “our desires, are naturally inclined to the purpose for which we all exist for”!

For our desires to get us going, we must feed our desires with persistence. Persisting in a particular course, even when results are not showing forth provides the lubrication for our desires to keep on burning up.Your persistence does the job, of keeping you in faith with your desires. Until you learn the act of persisting, then your desires won’t take you far in the journey of life’s dreams and aspirations. And, we must be deliberate about it.

And our desires will best function when they find their place in the understanding of the one who has so designed our individual purposes, in the life we are so living now. And, for me that understanding is only acclaimed to God – the very creator of my being! Find yours, and align to it.

You own the path to how best your life unfolds! You are the driver of your life, your desires energizes you towards you reaching the said destination. And, your persistence ensures how far you can go.

Keep your desires alive!!!

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Cite This Article As: Abednego Ishaya Wakili. "The Power of Our Desires." International Youth Journal, 01. May 2020.

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