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The Deserted Life
29. August 2020 at 09:00
Life is nothing but an unending, sometimes dreadful, and sometimes beautiful, journey of person where one faces lots of hardships so as to be concocted rightly. This article is a story during Covid-19, a poor student who overcomes all the hindrances comes in a way, his family faces the problem of poverty, his father cannot go outside to earn because of a virus, but He struggles to earn money from Home. He starts freelancing.

My father said, “We may not die because of virus, but surely will die because of hunger.” Future looked vague and obscure. Life felt more faded, and less exhilarated. It seemed as if everything has stopped, time and space has renounced the meaning of its greatness, and jubilant life has turned to the saddened journey. Thousands of expectations got executed by this pandemic. This 2020, can be called a black year, could have proved full of life, ecstasy, joy, blissfulness and love, but unfortunately, it has left the dark signs in the pages of history, and will be remembered as “The End.” This pandemic has filled the chest with the fear of death, hunger, and fear of people. It looks as if world has come to an end. This pandemic has driven lives to the desperate sorrows, especially of poor ones.

Survival has become very difficult. People keep distance from people. Outside is a frightening and saddening view. In the streets, where used to be hundreds of people going here and there, now is a lonely place, where only dogs wander around. Hotels where friends used to get together for a having a tea or meal there, but now there is nothing, they are closed too. No two or more people can stay together because of lock down in the country. The Whole world is worried, mosques, temples, churches, and other places of worship are closed for maintaining the social distancing so that spread of killer virus can be prevented. In the history of world, it has never occurred that sacred places were closed, but today, it looks as if God has also closed His doors.

The whole day, News channels have no other topic than to discuss the Covid-19. They are saying, now and then “Wash your hands… Keep distance from people… Total deaths around the world reached at this…and on other hand, poor people died because of hunger”, etc.. We are tired of listening to the sad news.

Lock down, in the country, is extending day by day. As a result of this, two things are happening, one is, resistance in the spread of the virus, second is, increase in poverty rate. Both, virus and poverty, are undermining country’s happiness. This overwhelming situation has affected the most of daily waged workers who are living in hunger. Sadly, my family is one of them too. We had little amount of money that ran our home for a week only. Rich people can take precautions against this worsening situation, by purchasing sanitizers and soaps, and wearing masks, but the poor, who cannot buy even a single mask or soap, how will they fight against it? They don’t have to go outside for running their homes, if they goes they will definitely die because of virus.

But, no doubt, how much the situation get worse, we have real heroes who can save us. Scientists and doctors are finding vaccines and other methods of medical treatments, they are risking their lives to save our dear ones. They are real heroes. Lots of pandemics had occurred, none lasted long, and the very difficulties were dealt accordingly at the right moment. Now, we should hope for the betterment. Let’s see what happens to this pandemic which has devastated me and my sweet little home which, once, used to have lots of tiny reasons to be happy.

It was before two years corona, when I joined the college, on the first day, a senior made me visit the college and introduced me to the librarian who was a kind and lovely person by nature. Liberian used to guide me because he knew I was poor, and I don’t feel sad while saying it. He always helped me financially and morally. As I was good at mathematics and English subject, so I used to teach his children, and in return, he gave me novels, books and some amount of money too which I used to spend on myself and never asked my father for money. I devoured almost hundreds of books which were in either library or gifted by him. I was not much interested in science subjects, but in art subjects, I was in love with. This made me a voracious reader. And then writer too.

My skills and the right direction of Mr. Librarian proved beneficial in hunting a scholarship for undergraduate study. I know I am the only child from my poor family, who has seen the face of university, before me no one was well aware that there is education after intermediate. My family never knew the worth of education, they just wanted me to earn for them since my childhood, as in my less developed village, children do earn by working as assistant to the shopkeepers. My father always used to scold me for sitting at home, and doing nothing. He always wanted me to earn money, but my fondness in studies kept me away from polishing shoes or working as labor. My friends who studied with me during primary education, they have learned to polish shoes, they have become tailor masters, shopkeepers, farmer, daily waged work laborers, or nothing but a clown and clumsy boys who just mobile into the streets and steal things. It was me, who has stepped against the flow of wind, and steered my vehicle of life to a new and exciting journey of knowledge and wisdom.

During my first semester, I was so much excited that I have entered into a place where my family member never dreamed of and never heard of. But like my every happiness, this also never lasted for a long time and the news of spread of deadly virus deadened my expectations and threatened the smile on my face. I thought I could do something for my family by doing part time jobs or working at cafeteria as I already talked to the owner of it and he agreed that I should join next day but Covid-19, Corona Virus did not allow me to be happy. I felt exasperated. Now university is closed, so the door of happiness. It became my routine, praying to Almighty God, and cry until deep slumber slips into my eyes. I cannot do anything at home, except fighting a useless combat with my thoughts.  

Being habitual of reading, I wanted to read a book but was unable to give attention to the lines. I did not like the books anymore, I thought. I kept that one and took another book. But that was boring too. Then, I took another, and another, but none book could entertain me. I was so helpless, tensed, and hungry. It was as if a ball of fire is moving in my stomach, and burning my internal skin. It was hunger. This situation taught me that your favorite hobby becomes full of excitement and joy, when your stomach is full. Books did not gave me food. I was disappointed and onward, I did not read any book or novel. “Hunger makes you more frustrated and evil, sometimes.” I barely wrote on the paper and then burnt it.

When all doors are being closed, then God opens a window. In my orientation ceremony at University, I found smiley and jolly person, whom I could talk easily, and in short period of time we became known to each other. We talked in a way as if we were friends since years. He, once, introduced me to the idea of freelancing and added my contact number to a Watsapp group. Later on, I was working at freelancing in order to contribute something to my family. I focused on my strengths, and then worked for those who pay in return when they get their work done. In two days, I earned five thousand rupees for writing a book review. This was awesome. I never knew my skills that I can earn by sitting at home. This was for the first time, I felt so much blessed. I received money through jazz cash, and gave to my father who was in great need. He became so happy that I handed him some amount of money. He asked me impassively, “Where this come from?” “This is a gift from God…Baba, I earned through internet, and it’s called freelancing” I did not want to explain more because my father may not understand exactly. He hugged and kissed me while raining his eyes. For the first time in my life, my father was happy with me, though he wanted money, and did not love me more than it. I don’t care whether my father loves me or not, I know myself that I love my father, I wept the tears of love while praying to Almighty God and I also thanked my friend. He then realized that education can make you earn from home. My father’s behavior was changed then, he motivated me to study and earn more. In next few days, I earned handsome amount of money and I was capable of running my home. I purchased sanitizers, masks, and soaps for saving my dear ones. I wash hands if I go outside and tell my family members to do the same.

The universal laws never change. We can see the natural laws are as they were centuries before and as they are today. They have not changed. The Nature has power to withstand these pandemics. Life has many stages, sometimes you find toughness and sometimes you find easiness, but remember they never last for long time, we have to face every type of difficulties with patience. We should not loss hope and never stop struggling for the betterment. It is of utmost surety that there is day after night, light after dark, hope after disappointment, happiness after grievances, every type of miseries can be overcome with the passage of time.

And the most beautiful thing on earth I found is “Prayer”. This is medium of conversation between Beloved and Lover. I share my secrets, miseries, sadness and happiness with God, Who always made me feel so relieved that I almost forget everything that suffers me. God’s love has made a home in my heart, I could feel love and shelter of God. Now, I am feeling His presence everywhere, I am feeling an Invisible Force Which is guiding me through this tough situation. And indeed He is the One. What we can do is pray to Almighty God Who can save us from our sins. Sometimes life offers toughness in order to test the person involved in a deadly situations, we need not to forget paying gratitude to the One who blesses us with thousands of gifts.

Cite This Article As: Deepak Lal. "The Deserted Life." International Youth Journal, 29. August 2020.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/the-deserted-life

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