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The Change I want to make
30. November 2018 at 09:02
‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’. Give them books and an open sky to fulfill their dreams and observe the revolution they will bring into evidence.
Give them books, and an open sky to fulfill their dreams. Give them hopes, not husbands. This is the reflection of intuitions that keep hovering around my mind. This invasion that I want to remove from my society has become my ulterior motive.

Prey them with books and education not with their spouses. Let them be the victim of their knowledge not the victim of early marriages. Thousands and thousands of girls desire to breed their souls with the magic of proselytism. Thousands of them relish to foster their lust for knowledge. And thousands of them crave to bring into evidence their true identity with the aid of education but how many of them eventually get what they want is a question that needs to be ponder over and the worst part is that those number in thousands only get deprive of education rather than being fed on their dreams.

Their castle in the air becomes just a mere delusion. Although, the alternative they get of education i.e. early marriages is legal/halal but apart from a feminist formation of a mentalist object, do they really endorse the standard consensus of legality. Providing them with a marriage certificate in spite of an academic degree certificate is no better than elevating plague. This plague is as bad as termite that undermining the foundations of our society.

Moreover, According to UNESCO, Pakistan is ranked as the 2nd highest country for paving the path of illiteracy, it has the second most noteworthy number of children out-of-school, out of which 66% (more than 3 million) are girls. Primary enrollment in schools in Pakistan is way lower when contrasted to other crouched income countries. Only 54% of Pakistani girls have succeeded in their way out for elementary schooling and the ratio in turn for secondary schooling drops out to 30%. The figures for young girls from rural regions are far more detestable (50% primary enrollment, 24% secondary).

As far as the full picture is concerned. Gender parity, poverty, male chauvinism and early marriages have become the most devastating grounds for the aforementioned facts and are accountable for cultivating the perception that causes girls to often lose out to sons. Men nearly dies when a kidney stone in millimeters passes through his prick, but has anyone thought about the situation when women give birth to a 7 pound child who passes through her vulva, so what makes the male and sons so dominating that even while counting on education girls always lose out to sons in poor families.

Furthermore, we got this epidemic from the old days where infant girls were put to death brutally after their first breath in this world and now the concept is revived and newborn girls are put to death in the womb of their mother. Even if they get the chance of living they get pin away with societal obligations because we are so damn stuck with our superannuated thinking and
old-fangled rationalization.

Nevertheless, this nuisance is getting fueled by the perception of investing in children. Parents recognize their sons as their only profitable chance for the evening of their life. And that's how girls are often overlooked and hence are forced to the dungeon of early marriage. While not knowing the basics of a matrimonial life which eventually lead to scuffles, craftiness and even divorce in extreme cases.

In addition to this, Getting education is the basic right of every human so is the women's suffrage. So, we have to stop this spreading wildfire before it’s too late. Education is the main apparatus for contravention of this inter-generational cycle of early marriages, male chauvinism, tyranny and poverty of women. And educated women has the power to renovate the society by scrubbing this clingy plague. and above all it is evident that,

‘If you educate a man, you educate an individual. But if you educate a woman, you educate a nation’

Cite This Article As: Safiullah Shaikh. "The Change I want to make." International Youth Journal, 30. November 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/the-change-i-want-to-make

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