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The Caged Bird Sings: What Freedom Means to Me
04. August 2018 at 18:43
Our Philosophy teacher asked one question, "What does freedom mean to you?" And I spent a year discovering my own answer to an otherwise simple question.
"Hold still!"

That is an order not a request.

"Stay calm!"

Coupled with the thunder in my voice, stand proud yet silent.

"Quell it."

For I see the storms whirling of intensity with black clouds and lighting above your head.

But before I breathe in the last words, you follow. You were an ethereal image that day of poise and dignity. Broken yet mended. Alone yet strong by innumerable quantity. Lost yet focused. Such a beautiful paradox. Indeed a mystery of why the caged bird sings.

Why does the caged bird sing? For it knows that the burden of the yoke is only temporary. Because life is like a set of piano tiles both black and white to represent the ups and downs of life. No matter how depressing the dark parts of life may seem, a song cannot work without both of its black and white keys. Similarly, life is empty without challenges and trials. To have freedom is to accept this part of life and to acknowledge that you can and you will overcome any obstacle that may come your way.

It also acknowledges that being happy is a part of freedom by choice, by chance or by change. However, it is also by considering the rights of other people that we experience freedom and the collective desire for the preservation of life and what it entails.

Lastly, freedom is transcendence or the belief of something greater than yourself. It is going on the adventure of life and finding meaning in it. In addition, it is the dependence on our creator -- the Master Architect of the Universe, learning that to be free is part of a human person's authenticity.

The caged bird sings to tell the world that it is human in all aspects, that life starts with a choice, that being happy is imperative and that love can and will always find its way into our hearts.

The caged bird sings to be free. The caged bird is me.
Cite This Article As: Francine Beatriz Pradez. "The Caged Bird Sings: What Freedom Means to Me." International Youth Journal, 04. August 2018.

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