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The Bottlenecks of Telecommunications in Nigeria - The Call for Internet Freedom
23. December 2018 at 14:08
The Far Cry for change in Internet sustainability has gone beyond words in Nigeria, Individuals and Companies are loosing data and money due to the scourge of Telecommunication inadequacies.
Teledensity (number telecoms line available to population ratio) which is used as a tool to measure growth of Telecoms.

If we employ our tool here, to calculate teledensity and prosperity, fell free to use your calculator like me too. Back then in 1960 we usually see a gross of 18724/40000000 x 100% =0.047%
450,000/100000000 x 100% = 0.045%. You will agree with me that it was a backward movement from 0.047% to 0.045% meaning the colonial masters were better at running the show than the leaders.

Was this to say Independence was bad? or Nigerians were dull?In 1992, the decree 75 gave birth to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) which oversaw the privatization process of the telecom sector. I remember how my grandma's house was always visited by her neighbors because she had a phone line in 1997, having a phone line was a big thing. but fast forward to when the Nigerian government allowed private individuals to control the telecoms industry by privatizing Folks like MTN, Econet, Glo, etc. rapidly changed the market. Comparing Teledensity in 2015, 151000000lines serving about 181million citizens gave a 83.4%

*Compare 32 years from independence (1960--1992), 0.047% - 0.045%*
*Then compare 23years later (1992 --2015), 0.045% --83.4%*

The statistics are crazy. The prosperity seen when privatization occurred is evidence that diversity trumps. The policies that encouraged diversity of the market would reduce governments control and hand control to creative individuals that were willing to risk their time and money with the expectations of reaping profits (though it might seem greedy) some hoe improved 'Nigerias economy the number of phone lines available rose from 450,000 to 151 million lines in 2015... With the Nokia 3310 been my most celebrated phone from those days of Change.

It wasn't a smooth ride, but saw the private folks battle their way through policies, establishing infrastructures, making profits and improving lives of everyone. Thus,Diversity is the spice of life. “Live and let live” is a philosophy that has guided me from my days in college. I believe man is a logical being, and his choice to first understand (not fight) whatever that seems new to him is his true test of proper evolution.

It is necessary that we adopt this choice to understand and tolerate the ecosystem to our daily interaction with people including those that have different compositions than ourselves. we have about 110% Teledensity in Nigeria. Meaning 1 citizen can own more than 1 phone, thanks to diversity of market and market players. The telecommunication giants of Nigeria has indeed brought upon the masses the issues of internet freedom and low telecommunication density. As a Libertarian, We must Rise to change the narratives for Technology and internet security.
Cite This Article As: Esimaje Michael Onoseme. "The Bottlenecks of Telecommunications in Nigeria - The Call for Internet Freedom." International Youth Journal, 23. December 2018.

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