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That's "You"
01. February 2019 at 09:00
That's you. Me or anybody else can't tell you better then the mirror of yourself. That can see itself with closed eyes.... Come a little deep today & it will start something new from today!!
We today live in harmonious world today. That project that everything is fine.
I'm willing you to give a reference from an old Hindi movie that is everybody's experience.

"Bura kije, Bura hoga ; Bhala kije Bhala hoga. Yahi likh-likh ke kya hoga. ...." & the song goes on. Let me first translate it with best of my knowledge. It means "When we do good, good happens; When we do bad, Bad will happen. So why to write it over & over again.. ...."

I'm not talking about morality, I'm strictly speaking on the basis of the logic. Because the people's who read this all relate humanity not morality. Don't look at me like that haha let me complete then i accept your judgement with my knees down.

Imagine a real life scene with closed eyes & deep breath with absolute neutrality. Imagine that there is a place where only you are there with all necessary life equipments to survive. No living is left & complete silence fell all around. In that you saw the last living creature is left & is in great pain it's a very small cub seems just few days is there you know you can treat it with your first aid & well qualified in that. Now don't answer me keep it to yourself.

Now another situation, take a deep breath in & out close your eyes after I stop for a moment & imagine that you're on a lonely place no life left. But you have every resource to survive & you're well qualified. This time you see a crying baby a little baby just few days & a tiger is near it to make the baby it's dinner. You are well equipped & qualified. Will you try to save the baby?? Don't answer me keep it.

Now elaborate that what's right & more right or both right at given individually independent situations. We as good investigators sometimes lack a little thing that's not skill but the patience to stick till the last the decision is always be yours on how to act.. the conclusion is morality is a variable but humanity is the common sense that what you choose at the moment.

Morality is the ideal form of life that if this do that types. But Humanity is what we have to deal with in reality it could be so complex in many situations. Like what if i say that the tiger is the same cub you saved. And you have no option left except to kill it will it be immoral in any way. I leave it to your choice.

Now coming back to our point that how good yields good & bad yields bad. Sages, Rishis, Mystics, Yogis & life itself that we can all relate.... Always said the way of happiness is only from our inside. When you are blessed in spiritual words or well balanced in yogic words, good in nature in societic world or Creative investigator in Scientific world we qualify the very basic step of growth & progress of life but it all comes from inside in anyway. Logic, faith, believe, trust, good, bad, misery or happiness always comes from inside so why to serve & try or get concern that the world around you is happy or troubled..

There are many answers but let me choose what you can experience now. How does it feel when you work really hard & put your soul to it. You just did what feels impossible but you did that now. Obviously it is given by someone or if you are doing it doing it for some purpose good or bad that could be intentionally but atleast you put your time & focus to make something happen. Now how does it feel when you are alone & no matter what you did. Imagine you did all that & i put you in an asylum of loneliness & i mean it in the way that no living is there to hear you.

Start your imagination & in few moments it will terrify you except you're a yogi. Haha now don't call me partial haa. I will share about them in another article. So for us it will terrify. It feels like you have everything & have nothing.

Live this reality for few moments when you get some time for your self. So somehow we see our reflection in everyone in someways. Something we agree & sometimes we don't. Still we live in the world where we face this everyday right. "The variety" the diversity is what teach us, grow us & we live that. So if the world around you is happy you're ready to join them. Being individually happy or sad in any situation is the choice of each individual. For me when i go to sleep my life ends. When i wake up again in the morning i try to celebrate the life. Remember I'm not talking about problems or no problems.... I'm talking about celebrating the life so that when you go to sleep you can experience the completeness within you.

The next day will come the good day will come is the great hope that no one must ever leave but only strength everyday & start with yourself. With your smile : ) that values to me yes that's "You"!
Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "That's "You"." International Youth Journal, 01. February 2019.

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