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That Night will pass
03. June 2019 at 10:17
Nights are feared from aeons. What changed?? It's dark usually colder than the day. No experience ever will take its place. Darkness is the reality of closed eyes. But what it's hiding inside?? Is unknown...

I love darkness from my childhood nevertheless it is true that I afraid like every kid but my chaios for it never ends up.

Dark usually nights don't discriminate. Colour & geometry of traditional eyes view don't capture night's vision.


Nights began with a new world that is everyday just right at the top of us but we get a chance to look at it only at night. Generally it is said that day gives us clarity which is true but night gives us the possibility!!

The darkness of infinite space & millions of stars make me ever clueless about the possibility of new existence & the presence of deep world. I listened dozens & dozens of story from my grandpa.

I never wonder how people miss the sunrise but more then that I wonder how people miss the night sky.

Technically it's dark but in reality it's open invitation to come & explore all possibility. No you really not have to be an astronaut or a physicist. I'm talking about something very common that comes after evenings every single day without any miss " Nights"

There were many stories on What if??

On about terrible stories- what if there is no sunrise in the morning??

But there is hardly any story what if there is no Night again??

I leave it to your wisdom to decide your what if??

Because that's the message nights give us everyday. "Unsolved"

The day we start striving to know more about nights which is the container of everything from light to mass but itself is quiet mysterious.

We will surely solve great problems someday. But once you start observing night your vision of the day will change completely.

"Because darkness of night don't have attribute of discrimination"

You might never get any chance & entire life will pass away or you can began from today...

It is my strong belief as a seeker, the day we start meeting with nights the world will change entirely.

No one will sleep hungry, no one will remain egocentric in attitude because nights don't discriminate it simply comes after everyday. And leaves us with the mystery - "What's beyond"?? And pass away like every day.

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "That Night will pass." International Youth Journal, 03. June 2019.

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