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Strong foundation
03. August 2020 at 12:38
"I & You cant go for long with Chest in and head down with lower level of enthusiasm". What's cultivating you??Questioning this require a lot of inner data. What's going on in your mind. From how you react or directly respond. What's the difference??

The knee foundation of a person is the right prospect of life with courage & win over the responses with an ability to check and recheck & able to make a good out of it.

Yes i know you get the topic's soul its about our mental health. Well it can also be called as intelligence but i like to call it health for the sake of this article. 

Just tell me how many times in your school, college or workplace you are able to appreciate hardwork & dedication that did never been fruitful in desired results. So where the work gone?? 

If someone or a group actually worked upon something we are not just talking about the reap stages we are considering the whole process out of it.. It included ideas, obstacles, life energy, hours and hours of work with mugging heads day and night.. 

So now i repeat that question "How many times you appreciate yourself attempting" ?? 

may be not always it requires but when did you did that clap for yourself and smiled in full joy..

Education must be our foundation to become strong by inside like a warrior ready to take and train everyday and not like a person who got few knock downs and done with the life.. Life is ever joyful if your aspirations are higher than you currently have without which a sense of development will surely sink up. We must take this spirit as good.

Hurdles are most often if you start doing in thinking about your fantacy i dont think anyone ever think or get a hurdle in that. The real spirit of life is in its ever chasing nature even the best either in science or spirituality consider Einstein, Newton, Tesla, Bhaskara, Aryabhatt, Mahatma Gandhi, Yoganand or Swami Vivekanand etc.. there is a huge list you can go on and on with that.. no one in their lifetime was static they are dynamic and resistances ofcourse occur that's when what you truly learn get tested not that cram silly data but real you. You get what you sow. What you sow once you can sow again and never ever forget this.

The idea of getting aged is all just psychological i dont care my age what i care about i am still breathing. 

Imagine a story where you never fell and climbed up the mountain.. Is it even a good story i wonder.. No...

"Its never about destination; its about what you become in the journey" 

We always intend to look up for what we destined which is not bad in some sense but surly pull off your voyage & adventure through criss cross riddler road. Where falling and getting up is a part. I can predict the last destination for us all yea i found that ahaha its "Graveyard"!! 

True right??

Think about your dream not limit your size and concealable thoughts well thats what logic do but you need to surpass that well that's what inventors do.

I challenged my friend when i was 7 years that i will make a visit to "Andromeda galaxy" one day and will come back too.. well i know your logic is dying to say 

"You idiot its not possible haha" 

well so funny remember i worked upon this & trust me i made up few ideas and one day i might write an article after my visit. Hahah its my time to laugh haa..

Well that's the Conclusion of this article destined your biggest thing the real the bigger and the better. No matter its impossible its just you r goona be the first to make some pathways and will enlighten the world with you view later on. That's what i call "Strong Foundation" 

Well on a closing remark- Never think that you cant trust me most of the folks dont dare to even think. Prepare for your journey you might reach beyond your concealable universe. 

Keep smiling.. Be a little crazy!!

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Strong foundation ." International Youth Journal, 03. August 2020.

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