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Story of my Second Toothpaste!
27. June 2018 at 21:05
Well again an artificial day. Scheduled, systematic and planned. Buss bus kahhh , brushing my teeth is the favourite part of my day. It makes me fresh and alive me for few moments it’s because i look my reflection in the mirror. One great person said – When you consider your every moment ; then you actually live that moment of the life.
Well water is ticking tip….tap….tip. Well in modern life we usually ask a question “why don’t I get sometime for what I wann do , we complain about our artificial life”! But at the end of the day when i again look into the mirror myself I get myself back again and that’s because of my second tooth-paste. Well small things create big changes in our mood. I generally am a moody but also ask a question am I real does it drive me or I have some manual control of my life.

Everyone having ways to control their life. Living with Passion. Something that drives you and me and all, everyone finds that somehow and somewhere. Well what drives me is the time I spend with my second tooth-paste. Well it takes me out from every level of stress and my building blocks of reference and make me alive.

Disaster – Disaster all around …. In your mouth and tooth decay is at its peak but worry not I’m here to make it clear hahhaha.. Well I still remember the dentist’s horrible smile . Well that moment of my childhood that painful and dentist seem to to me as a DEMON But later I realized that how helpful it was to me….Haah that childhood craze of fiction is still alive in me. Later that day I was thinking what is the thing that makes our surrounding how peoples with similar situation have different mindsets…..

Sasha-saash –shhus tooth brush sounds that way but yu know how much time we even enjoy or atlest notice that sound ?? I first noticed it when start investing time with my second tooth paste, I didn’t remember about last time may be a long time ago. I actually got my life back that worked. “The things didn’t changed much but now my way to deal with them changed”.

"Peoples Smile looking at me now feels good now I also smile looking at them". Peoples looking back into their life and watch over all those memories when they sit alone, that moment they aren’t actually alone but do the peoples with this synthetic or artificial life can do so. When alone ?? It’s simply means being like machine .

Haah I guess I reached Quiet deep! Well worry not ; actually according to a great thought “The one who can’t see, anyone in pain is itself great and that person’s effort to bring back smile is that hope going to work for sure”

From few years back my life was like silent or working I even hesitate to talk to my own peoples who are so close to me , as I rarely spend time with them. I felt how much alone I made myself. We as humans require to be with people’s ; the attachment, the emotions are something that makes us alive in this world. May be not Conciousness mind makes us alive but feelings proves it.

Suddenly I felt ill due to my tooth pain. But that pain changed me and gave me some time to rethink about what I’m doing and what i became…. That time peoples close to me came to meet me asked me about my health.. I realized that how much love and care is all around us and we never notice them …. I also realized that how much big mistake I committed by not spending time with them. May be not all time but not spending any time with them is brutal. That little time brings us close to our parents, family, friends and peoples who are so close and so important for us and leaving them un-noticed is immoral.

May be not all time with family but we can be with them in evening and at-least have dinner together , most of that time brings us soo close and together.. It brings Smiles, courage and deeper understanding that makes us good humans. Well i was also addicted with an artificial habit of brushing my teeth twice a day. But I tried to look at myself in the mirror while I brushed my teeth second time in the same day. Something was missing I’m not feeling good. Suddenly when i was entering in my room I saw my family watching a show on tv. I sat there, there was an attraction like something is alive in that moment. We already had dinner together that night and i was feeling great like I got missing pieces of my happiness in their eyes that eyes were my peoples who loves me a lot and i can’t be without them !

If we never start our journey we never reach to any point destination is still but life is not destination it’s a journey. Just walk and life’s easy! May be it will take some time and effort to do so as you are not doing so but don’t restrict yourself being in that great moment where you can be it’s not impossible of course !

That’s what my second tooth paste means the cleaning of the garbage that restrict you to be with your mom,dad and all the peoples whom you love and care. Don’t allow any argue or anything to be between you and your life that you deserve. Let all controversies and efforts out and just sit with them relax yourself, Smile with them. Trust yourself and trust them too …. It’s not anyone’s worry that brings you there you are there to light up the hearts and smiles that comes to the faces will make you feel like contentment. Always remember you are not bound by your own ideas you can change it for good , to be good ! You know why because you are the creator of your own world and you can clean up un-necessary garbage of your world.

Life is very blessed if you live it! But if you don’t live your life it will be like curse for you. Well I don’t pray for curse, we together can pray for blessed life , happiness and life in life. Well ‘it’s late’ to say that ‘its late’ ; Quit this nothingness and bring back the commitment of life .

Energy , hours, life and work nothing is certain the only certainty is uncertainty about everything. To bring up some change I have to change and that’s the uncertainty of my choice. You and I are the peoples who create this world let’s make it beautiful by contributing our small efforts to bring smile on each other’s face.

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