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Stop Polluting The Gambia
18. May 2017 at 01:51
Our marine resources are dwindling at an increasing rate yet no solution from the men and women at the helm of affairs. Before sacking technocrats and experts, sack the foreigners (Chinese) from our water body for their bad fishing nets and waste dumping culminating to a high pollution potential in our water body.
In no time soon, The Gambia considered as the smiling coast will frown within midst of hunger and taste. Consider our women and youth for sustainable development sake.
#Gunjur polluted yet nothing is done, in #Brufut the fishing nets where catching the juvenile fish nothing was done until the Chinese decided to kill each other and the rest of them left. #Karting and #Tanji under threat yet nothing is said or done.

What a parasitic country I found myself to be a citizen of yet I commend the #youth and #women for keeping the red fire burning. We must rise above all obstacles but with consideration to our environmental responsibilities.

Jollof's environment has been crying for far too long in the hands of the self-centered, environmentally myopic and sustainable development goals blinded politicians yet that velocity continues.

The sooner we identify challenges and discuss them on the solution table, the better for mother Gambia.

Cite This Article As: Omar Malmo Junior. "Stop Polluting The Gambia." International Youth Journal, 18. May 2017.

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