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Still The Way .... Fake Feminists
29. November 2018 at 18:06
The cold spell of the freezing winter was disturbed by the sudden erruption of gun shots at the far end of the valley. Irritated but not surprised I instantly knew a baby was born somewhere and obviously a boy. Celebrating the joy of having a new baby in such zelous way,as far my knowledge, has never been portrayed on having a daughter. When asked I recieved in one or the other way this same response;"this is the way things are, it is a ritual".
On countless other occasions like this I wonder about the rapidly growing developments in science and technology, Human rights,living standards and yet each time it takes me by surprise when I realize that at some point deep down the deepest part of our existence this still is the way things are.

It is with no doubt a fact that feminism has,in the recent years,gain notable support and uplift at various levels and forms. This however can never veil the very prominent aspects of human society that at basic level portray inferiority of females. Females, for example,are seen serving in almost every possible profession around the globe but their pay is less compared to males in most professions.

Females do stand boldly in media and film industries but unspoken rules pose more hurdles and standards for them comapred to males, they are elligble to run election campaigns but their likelihood of securing a high post is less compared to male opponent, cultural and so called moral outlines are keener and quicker at labelling females comparatively, these and many more common observations simply point out that all the pro feminism calls are still insufficient and justify the claim that "it still is the way things are".

Some might claim that the above arguments hold true only for the developing or more conservative or religion oriented countries while developed nations have long before proved themselves truly feminists. However I present a very simple example to deny it and prove that in some or the other way all countries are the same in this respect. When policies are laid out for the so called protection and uplift of females and their rights giving them more attention or showing more care towards them.

It is actually synonymous to labelling them as "weak and less able or fragile beings" it portrays the fact that female autonomy is not part of those societies rather a legal struggle or a forced quality induced through law. It is not a common mindset but a formal rules that needs to be written down and followed just like traffic rules. They might be able to get used to it and accept it ultimately as part of their society but it is going to take decades and is yet to be achieved or claimed.

developing through the cutting edge technology and entering into the space era we have proved the superiority of human kind and are making good use of our intellect but the divisions with our own kind is a disease that is not easy to tackle down. The foremost division is gendre based which if not resolved, will continue to hamper our progress slowing it down. The first step in this regard should be of accepting the fact that we still are not fully able to model our mindsets and actions as pro feminists or simply accepting our fault that besides all our progress some of things are "still the same way". Only then can we move on achieving the real ultimate goal.
Cite This Article As: Hira Naz. "Still The Way .... Fake Feminists ." International Youth Journal, 29. November 2018.

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