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State police: a panacea to security deficiency in Nigeria
01. July 2018 at 21:14
Like a rock in the middle of a lake, forever cooled by flowing water, I do know the sun's hotness that burns and dries up the open land. With saddened pen I write to console the soul of those who have lost their promising lives and have had their lives at stake due to the security imbroglio and challenges facing the country like flies that failed to desist from the wound of its keeper.
Insecurity with no iota of skepticism is the predicament facing Africa as a continent. In fact, it is a common perception among the advance countries of the world to see Africa as a crisis laden zone. Nigeria, a country in the south of the Sahara, without village rats singing to ear of those in the city, is not an abaya in the midst of linen. Insecurity still lives and breathe much after the world deadliest terrorist group was declared technically defeated. Is it the Herdsmen crisis, Plateau killings, Zamfara crisis, Cattle rustlers, Kidnapping, Robbery amongst other that is not pertinent to exhume a lazy corpse? This is not to suggest that security officers in the country are not performing their rites, Nigeria as a whole is wholly police-starved, hence the call for the creation of a state police To Help halt the viral spread of insecurity in all ramifications.

State police or provincial police is a type of sub national territorial police force. The primary goal of which is to ensure safety of lives likewise statewide law enforcement and criminal investigation. Given the landmass of the country, creating a state police would help tighten up security even in hamlets beyond coverage.

Many a people have lost faith in the integrity of Nigeria Police not only because of their lacklustre attitude toward work, most Nigeria Police divisions or area commands are situated in areas that hardly facilitate prompt response to crime scenes - Mischief makers would have perpetrated their ills and go scot free before Nigeria Police would get to the scene- a factor that continues to hinder results oriented investigations. No man would go to sleep with his roof on fire, creating a state police would help security officers know the terrain too well and would be able to do a better intelligence job likewise conduct more results oriented investigations.

It is widely contested in some quarters that creating a state police will abet more mishaps than good, given the overzealous power opportunists who could manipulate such institution to turn tides in their favour. However, it should be noted that state police can be created in a way that it remains an exclusive reserve of the federal government; a state police with an attached pulley to toss it back to the breast of the federal government.

Comparatively, In India, each state has its own police headed by a commissioner of police. The Indian police system could be adopted with some modifications and then applied in such a way that the control of the nation's police force remains with the federal government while security is enhanced.

When rains falls on leopard, does it wash off its spots? I believed we have a considerate and compassionate government. Considering the fact that Nigeria is police-starved, the best solidarity that government can show to those who have lost loved ones to criminalise and ethnic jingoism amidst viral insecurity is to adopt a type of state police that would help to achieve a more efficient and effective policing of the entire country.

Cite This Article As: Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman. "State police: a panacea to security deficiency in Nigeria." International Youth Journal, 01. July 2018.

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