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Sports betting in Nigeria: the growing epidemics
21. June 2018 at 17:46
Yes, I agreed, after consultations with heavenly consultants in a marathon Odyssey to pen inspired world, that the 21st century Nigerians has a great deals of potholes to avoid before alighting at their destinations. This generation, I concurred, has been infected with invectives that need immediate revival and exorcism from a diviner or bailout from the world beyond to break off the shackles and menace of social vices and neo-slavery.
This generation has been beclouded in vast ocean of vices, a trending war against morality if not adequately measured, perhaps with troops of Operation Lafiya dole, might murder the future of our future. This dehumanizing acts, the tendency to get quick wealth, chaired by the newly inaugurated chief executive, Sports betting and its agencies, could singlehandedly hunt down the innate talents in our youths.

Gambling has been trending not only in the present century, the past of the past has involved in this dehumanizing acts, right from its atomic stage among juveniles where token amounts would be staked to make the game more interesting as no one would want to involve energetically in a mere child play. What a strong foundation!

Nigerians are known to flaunt the flaunt action of being religious, indeed, we are so religious in every ramifications that the tenets and preachings of our various religions are left unheeded. The modern day gambling -Sports betting- an activity characterized by a balance between winning and losing that is governed by deception and treachery, has been repackaged to target more youth in Nigeria which thus, has been degrading the uncommon spirit of Can-do in Nigerians, thereby subjecting our virile youth to the fetish hut of Laziness.

Sports betting, a growing trend in the country, is a form of gambling, if at all it could be paired with a crime, wherein the aged and the virile youth stake a certain amounts, in certain circumstances their last penny, on prediction of a football match or other sporting activities that are yet to be played. The by-product will either be head or tail, in most ordeal it is tail, losing not only his penny but also his sense of morality.

Majority of Nigerians -perhaps the saints, who one's instinct can never reflect on meeting there, students and of utmost concern, the unemployed youths who should be at the drawing board on how to be self reliant- are regular and devoted patroniser, customer as my people call it, of sport betting. The rise and elevation of this dehumanizing game is becoming obvious in the way media houses are now advertising it - Become rich quicker.

Among the saints whose flaunt action of being religious has no impacts on them, it is an ignition to their relinquishing hope of making it. Having been ignited by the short lived joy and ecstasy of their neighbor who jack the jackpot, betting is now a bearing and habitat where the hope of survival, to them is apparent, which in reality is daunting. Who else will preach the effect of Gambling to us?

Students are not out of the circle, betting online and other media to make a living is as rampant as the five daily prayers. Sports betting, of which Football is its species, has promoted not only laziness but also incarcerated many hopes, aspirations and quiescent among Youths. What an unswerving circumlocution!

To this end, who are we to consult to normalize this anomalies? The father, who himself is a staunch patroniser of this epidemically dangling goods, the government, to orientate the teeming populace on the antics and imminent danger of the modern day gambling; sport betting, or our humble self, the ultimate driver of our own affairs to reform from, and forget the tendency of quick wealth, no wealth will come at the mercy of a Buffon - it is an insult, and imbibe hardworking as the only motorable pathway to success.
Cite This Article As: Abiodun Jamiu Sulaiman. "Sports betting in Nigeria: the growing epidemics." International Youth Journal, 21. June 2018.

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