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Spill a coffee on yourself
28. September 2018 at 17:59
Corporate world has its own buzz around it.It is said that with cutting edge technology and cut throat competition the corporate world is becoming mean day by day but guess what we do have a solution to it.In order to diminish this meanness around us, let's make the work space ludicrous, cheerful and enthusiastic and all we need to do is take a moment to laugh.
While skimming through linkedin I came across an article which talked about how to be like-able in corporate world.Well most of us would get tempted and would read the article and I did the same thing.It is believed that in corporate sector, a person who is well accomplished,highly skilled may be regarded as an idol to strive for but that does not mean that he will be liked by majority.

In many of the cases, we might have experienced that the most skilled person in the office might have higher dependencies, all fuss around him but during fun time you might find him being alone and silent.The person may have innumerable solutions to a very complex problem but when it comes to the point of socialization he might feel it a bit challenging.But the same person can be socialized if he starts cracking jokes by making fun of him among colleagues e.g.

He is in a cafeteria with his colleague with a coke in his hand and unknowingly if he spills coke on himself or if some other guy spills the coke on him and rather than making it an issue, he takes the situation lightly making fun of the incident and thus creating the environment around him chuckle-some, everybody would like his company and thus would be close to him.

We people have a tendency of making fun of others, laughing at others though it sometime does make the work-sphere wacky but the person we are making fun of might get hurt and internally may develop hatred towards you.So, the best way to keep the sphere jovial is make fun of yourself so that the whole community around you would laugh and will like you.

Cite This Article As: Parthasarathi Kar. "Spill a coffee on yourself." International Youth Journal, 28. September 2018.

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