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Some Life-Lessons With Quotes By Zlatan Ibrahimovic
21. November 2019 at 10:24
Zlatan Ibrahimovic is one of the biggest names in football today and he plays as a striker for the LA Galaxy soccer club. In this season of the MLS, he’s been in 16 matches and has scored 13 goals. With a height of 1.95m and an amazing leg work, he is a dominant force on the field. Along with the 13 goals, he has also given 3 assists to some of his teammates.

It was Zlatan’s birthday on 3rd October 2019 and he received a lot of wishes from his fans and loved ones. When you are such a great player, it’s normal for a lot of people to get inspired by you. And with the words that come out of his mouth, it’s pretty clear that Zlatan is not only good at his game but he’s also good at inspiring others with what he says.

With that said, I would like to share some of the things that Ibrahimovic has said. These quotes will not only motivate and inspire you, but they will also teach you a thing or two about life. So, here are some quotes by Zlatan Ibrahimovic that will work as life-lessons for you:

“Anything that happens in your life was meant to happen. It is your destiny. I was destined to have the life I have now, and I can't have any regrets”

The meaning of this quote is quite simple. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. So, we must never regret anything and keep moving forward in life. You must not grief over something for too long or you will fail to grow and move forward in life. What I mean to say is, good things will come to you if you keep moving forward with the same determination and patience you started with. We must never take too much stress on ourselves.

“Nothing is written in stone, as a career is an unpredictable journey”

Life is never predictable. You never know what’s gonna happen in the very next minute or even second. Just keep doing what you are best at and one day you will reach your goal no matter whatever anyone thinks of you or at whatever point you are in your life. Just remember that you started from an even lower point and you reached a better one with your hard work and determination. And believe me, you will reach where you want to go if you keep going even at the same pace. So, just chill and keep growing at your own pace.

“You never forget where you come from”

The essence of this quote is similar to that of the previous one. We must never forget where we started from. For that is who you truly are and that person can describe your inner self in the best way. We must always stay connected to our roots in order to stay motivated and attached to our true selves. No matter how big or rich you become or how for you go in life, never ever forget where you started from, what you went through, and who was by your side through it all.

“I do not need a trophy to tell myself that I am the best”

This is the kind of confidence that we all must have to reach greatness in life. The day you realize that you don’t need any kind of rewards or recognitions to know that you are the best at what you do, you will be set on a path to greatness. This is called having faith in your skills, talents, and passion. Don’t take unnecessary stress if you don’t win any kind of award or a promotion or a raise or anything, just have faith in yourself and you will get the appreciation and recognition you deserve one day.

“Never judge a person if you don't know him”

This is something that another great person, Eminem says all the time, “you have to walk a mile in a person’s shoes to judge them”. Judging is not a good thing to do until you know each and everything about a person’s past and everything that they went through. And it is near to impossible if that person is not close to you. So, it’s basically not a good thing to do and we must avoid judging people if we don’t know the way they are from the inside and what they went through in their life.

“I think I'm like wine. The older I get, the better I get”

You are a product of what you do every second. Just make the most of it and always air at your physical and mental growth and financial growth will come along with it. You will always keep growing if you keep working with the same determination you started with. In a nutshell, the more you work, the more you grow. Growth comes with experience.

Cite This Article As: Kunal Bansal Chandigarh. "Some Life-Lessons With Quotes By Zlatan Ibrahimovic." International Youth Journal, 21. November 2019.

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