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Simple Positive Psychology
29. June 2018 at 22:21
Some people worry too much leading them to think a lot, and in some way, these are the ingredients of stress and sadness. Let the things settle down. Whatever happens, try to find a path to your inner peace. What’s life?
Life is a gift, live it in a way that it should be lived. Be thankful for what other people do for you and don’t get angry. Appreciate them anyway. Seeing a smile on other's face because of you is a very pleasant feeling. Ever felt like that? Try making someone smile and see how life looks like. Sometimes you just have to be an assertive person and speak-up whenever you need to. Know the rights of others.

Try to improve your communication skills, it’s very important and try to be a social person, it has a lot of benefits. Psychologists today agree that fostering self-esteem and emotional intelligence is the best way to help a child cope with life. The values which a child imbibes in his/her beginning days are the basic foundations for the tomorrow. You should know how to relax yourself when you have a huge burden of work and overwhelmed responsibilities. Such pressures are a part and parcel of life. Being able to handle them boosts your morale.

Try handling the problems for which you never tried finding a solution. If you have any anxiety problem ex: phobia etc. try to look for a psychologist or psychiatrist. These are curable with the help of the professionals. Being good at bargaining is a quality of a skillful person. It helps to know the views of others which is important for you to know. It will not only make you aware of the different thought processes of others, rather it will also increase your wisdom. Depression is a disorder that reduces your happiness and leaves you stressed and unhappy.

Try to be aside from it by remembering the good things first. See a doctor if you can’t cure it by yourself. Try talking to friends and family to whom you are the closest. You should know how to argue with your partner. It’s the understanding between the two and allows you to express your views and opinions and in a timely manner, without ignoring or denying the rights of anyone.

Some people worry too much that leads them to think too much, and in some way, it’s the part of getting stress and sadness. Let the things settle. Stabilize yourself and build up yourself. Have hope in yourself and see positivity in everything. Don’t deny the facts because the truth is the truth. There are people who hate gatherings and the rush of people, they want to be alone, and they don’t like to share their ideas, they find happiness in it. They have a social phobia. Share your ideas, visit places, meet people, share your happiness and see how happy life seems like.

There is more than one person in your family, and each should have right position and conduct. It depends on how you behave or how you are treated in your family. Empathy is the quality of a human as well as an animal but if you lack this quality you lose the value of humans as well as animals. Try to be kind and survive with all. Care for everyone. This will give you a satisfaction to which you could have been unknown till date.

The one who learns the quality of life also learns how to manage time. The manager of time is the real hero who learns the art of living with a smile on his face in any or every situation. Happiness is a learning process. Very few people learn how to find happiness when there is a time of severe distress and workload. It is closely related with self-esteem. It is the only way to achieve balance in life.

Make an assessment of your life to know how it’s going and how it should be managed. What things should be taken or what things should be added in your life. See what life has in it when you try your best for something valuable and stop running behind the things which have no positive effects. Start living, start feeling.

Cite This Article As: Ayesha Shaikh. "Simple Positive Psychology." International Youth Journal, 29. June 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/simple-positive-psychology

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