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Seeking Education in Pakistan Seems Quite Doable Now
11. June 2018 at 13:14
The article focus on seeking education in Pakistan as it seems quite doable now. Looking at the HEC ranking; IBA Sukkur University is at 4th best business schools in Pakistan but few elements, which one might not know, makes it the best business school in Pakistan.
Now coming to my argument; I proclaimed it to be best business schools in the country, is really based on few bottleneck elements for we Pakistani to seek the education.

First, the essence of seeking education in other universities is quite impossible for a lower income class child, even it seems like a shattered dream of a child; to study there. But here at Sukkur IBA University, the scenario is quite unlike. Even unlike may be a less worth mentioning word, but it’s the minimum admiration. One can account Sukkur IBA University for. Take the example of a child, who was borne in a financially fragile family. His father was wondering whether he would be able to get his son enrolled in the best universities of the country. The situation seemed quite ambiguous since he was surrounded by issues where it was hard to make both ends meet. But he left it over the sympathy of the hope and waited for the time; when the time may turn in favor of his financial constraints. Suddenly, in 2013, his dreams started coming true and in the decade of 2010-2020, he was overwhelmed to listen to the news regarding talent hunt program at Sukkur IBA. He had three other children, among which one was enrolled in THP 2014 program, one in THP 2015 program. He was amazed to see the fortune. His completing dreams also putting the marks of his dreams, to come true, has started to come true.

However, looking at the mission statement of the university. The mission of Sukkur IBA is to contribute and serve the community by imparting knowledge through innovative teaching and applied research at the global levels of excellence. We aim to establish and sustain a competitive meritorious environment by strengthening faculty and using state-of-the-art technology to produce graduates with analytical & creative thinking, leadership skills, and entrepreneurial spirit, who possess global outlook and are conscious of ethical values, Sukkur IBA seems dedicated to act according to its mission statement that is imparting the knowledge innovative teaching and applied research. Further, it is doing so for all the residents of Sindh, and now for whole Pakistan. Yes, now for the entire country, because the Talent Hunt Program, which was announced for Sindh only is extended to National Talent Hunt Program, two batches of which are already seeking the quality education here, and the third one is in process. Students receive a handsome amount each month to cover their mess, going home each month and other related expenses like buying necessary things for them including soap, shampoo etc.

All in all, the person who dreamed for his child that he will seek his children working in multi-national companies and national governmental institutions of Pakistan really makes him felicitous and happier than ever before.

Cite This Article As: Muhammad Attique Shah. "Seeking Education in Pakistan Seems Quite Doable Now." International Youth Journal, 11. June 2018.

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