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Scope of Biodiesel Production in Bangladesh
08. October 2017 at 21:03
Environmental pollution is the major problem we are facing in this modern era.Diesel and other petro fuel operated vehicles (car, bus, motorcycle, trucks etc) usually emit a huge amount of toxic gases such as CO2, SO2, CO etc which are breaking down the ozone layer and we are facing green house effect.
We have upgraded technologies in every sector beyond our imagination. But we are not much concern that our world is going to face a devastating catastrophe. With the rapid growth of technology and civilization spreading over the world, from 1955 to 2005 the emission of CO2 at atmosphere simply got twice from 3 billion tons of Carbon to 6 billion tons of Carbon, which certainly results in temperature increase, sea level hike, deviation of biodiversity and ecological imbalance. The agricultural sector of Bangladesh is adversely affected due to climate change. In the context of Bangladesh, it is alarming news that due to the climate change affect 25% area of Bangladesh may be flooded by the year 2050. Moreover, our world is heading towards a severe dilemma of fossil fuel usage for the next decades. The price of fossil fuel is hiking up rapidly.

On the other hand, the supply of fossil fuel will come to an end by 2050 considering a 5% flat increase in demand. Even though, if we can get, we cannot use those because excessive use of fossil fuel causes CO2 increase in atmosphere and we are already facing tremendous effect of this, vicious change of climate. In this situation, eco-friendly renewable fuel (Bio fuel) is the best solution to combat climate change and ensure fuel security for our future generation and that is why more and more countries are adopting biofuel support policies.

Cite This Article As: Tanmoy Kumar Ghose. "Scope of Biodiesel Production in Bangladesh." International Youth Journal, 08. October 2017.

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