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Scientific temperament in India
09. August 2017 at 21:18
by Surender Ponnalagar
In the youngest Scientific temperament & Scientific thinking of young people
India is one of the youngest nation in the world. Around 60% of population are youth. Our cultural, arts diversity examined our wealth of Science especially in Architecture, Medicine, Astronomy. But the current scenario of India examine unstable state of Scientific thinking. Many of the young people doesn't know the basic reasons of Eclipses.
Recently Lunar Eclipse was occurred. Actually its monsoon period in south India. In this occasion most of the time moon will not be visible because of clouds. But many of the people haven't taken food in the evening because of the Lunar Eclipse. They believe without scientific evidence and scientific temperament during the eclipses some negative radiations would attack earth. Even literates also believes that superstitious believes. So building scientific temperament among young people in India greeting more importance especially among the school students.

Currently I am working with my team to communicate science through practical hand on experiments to stimulate them towards rational thinking. Because of the system of education in India will not allow students to think beyond classroom & laboratory. We aims to bring students beyond books & laboratory to design their own experiments and designs to understand the basic science.

We believe science communication will help people to get clear understand about basic science and astronomical events. Every year we reached around 5000 + young people through our existing programme.
Cite This Article As: Surender Ponnalagar. "Scientific temperament in India." International Youth Journal, 09. August 2017.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/scientific-temperament-in-india

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