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The International Youth Journal offers talented youths, journalists, and experts the unique opportunity to publish and read interesting articles on many topics on an international level: Publish My Article
Become Official Youth Journalists and report exciting stories from around the world.
For Teachers and Schools
General information
All teachers, schools, and institutions are invited to use the advantages and possibilities of the International Youth Journal for their curriculum, teaching activities, or to support talented students! The International Youth Journal publishes articles and stories on various topics: science, culture, politics, and much more. Publishing an article or story is a great achievement and will encourage and benefit all students: The International Youth Journal gives passionate and talented youths the unique opportunity to share their writing with the world and it provides an outstanding tool for all teachers and schools to promote writing, critical thinking, and journalism.

Teachers and schools can take advantage in many ways, such as:
  • Article and story writing as homework.
  • Writing and journalism class projects.
  • Publishing student (science) projects.
  • Writing and journalism workshops.
  • Writing and journalism school clubs.
  • For supporting talented students.
  • Receiving the IYJ School Award.
  • Students receive journalist certificates.
  • Sharing outstanding student stories and articles.
Student and class projects
Some schools use student and class projects which involve writing to educate their students. The best results will then be published in the International Youth Journal: It will honor the efforts of your students and make the articles available to youths around the world. A similar procedure can be done with homeworks or other assignments.
Workshops and IYJ school clubs
Many outstanding schools provide writing workshops, after-school groups, or school clubs for writing and journalism: Every school and teacher is invited to embed the International Youth Journal into these clubs, to make publishing articles the aim of the group, or to start an IYJ school club. This possibility extends to the youth journalists program of the International Youth Journal: Students have the opportunity to become Official Youth Journalists which is a great career aspect and enables many features. Schools are welcomed to prepare students with workshops or school clubs for being a youth journalist and to conduct journalism projects with the students.
Promote this opportunity!
Teachers and schools are welcomed to promote the International Youth Journal opportunity at their school and in their class in order to get passionate and talented students engaged with writing, critical thinking, publishing, and journalism! We provide several flyers, materials, posters, and more on this page: Materials and Documents
IYJ school award
The International Youth Journal awards the annual IYJ School Award to an outstanding school with many youth journalists among their students. The prize is (usually) not connected to a money prize but honors the efforts and quality of the teachers of the school. Schools participate by promoting the IYJ youth journalist program and by having registered youth journalists. The same school can receive the IYJ School Award only once.
Contact information
For any questions (of teachers and schools) related to these opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact the press secretary of the International Youth Journal directly via this email:

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