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Rise in Zogolism
03. September 2019 at 09:01
With the increasing number in Zogolism ,if no preventive measure is taken , 2 out of every 5 young people will be a zogo in the next 8 years : A case study of Liberia .Based on much research and investigation done.

With the increasing number in Zogolism ,if no preventive measure is taken , 2 out of every 5 young people will be a zogo in the next 8 years : A case study of Liberia. Zogo a term used in Liberia to refer to those street hooligans, drug addict,hoodlum, property and valuable items Snatchers, car loaders and thief who have taken this other dimension of life base on different activities in the country.

Zogolism - a system of life adopted by ill minded young people base on the activities they have involve themselves in ( taking in Drugs and illicit substances ).

Firstly, smuggling is one key variable that has facilitated the widespread emergence of criminal organizations in Liberia. Criminal groups take advantage of state weakness to produce and move various products both within Liberia and into neighboring nations. While not all smuggling activities are perpetrated by zogo, it is likely that the activities have facilitated the growth in Zogolism and its formation. Narcotics in particular and marijuana are likely the most frequently trafficked illicit product within Liberia, and is believed to have contributed to the current crime wave.

Secondly, when those illicit drugs arrived they are being distrubted to varoius ghettos and gang meeting places ,so as a result hundreds of  youth are recruited daily nation wide by these illicit drug in street corners,ghettos and slums to the disorderly use of illicit drug in Liberia. Unfortunately, the repercussions of this have been that youths who are suppose to be the nation builder,and that which Liberia development and progress depend on has manifested themselves and are called "Zokos

Moreover , harmful use of illegal drug in Liberia is severely detrimental to the health,Education, families and communities of these individuals who are victims. These substances when consume affect the brian and mindset of the individual leaving one in a state of unnecessary decision-making,that which leads to increase in crime, prostitution, school dropped outs, stealing and assault on meaningful citizens while have lead us to having a demoralized youthful society.

However, Zokos (Drug victims)as they are called is more than just a name, the name Zoko is a name given to those who are victims of hardened substances that survive from dump site, prostitution,crime and dubious act in our society.

While it is true that some of them chose this path as a life style, yet a couple of them regreat being found in such a state.

After the so much investment done by their parents or relatives just to see that they partake in the nation building process . Some regreat their early decision and are finding a way out of this life style . A couple of few is looking forward to having a meaning life , a life that they can raise children and leave a legacy .

A life that they can used as an example for young generations of Liberian's to follow;

a life style that the nation can boast of .

With Eduction to the above observations , there is a need to aid those hoodlum, drug addict and hooligans . There are more to offer them, than just seeing them as a mere thieves and property Snatchers. The creation of rehabilation center will be of help , the building of training institutions and trade schools will be vital and creating opportunities for them too as well will be of essence , because Zogo plight is an issue that brings to mind the vital need for a vibrant social welfare and rehabilitation center, where these energetic young men, who are also citizens with equal rights, can be cratered to and given the opportunityto assimilate themselves into society .

Cite This Article As: Isiaka A Kromah . "Rise in Zogolism." International Youth Journal, 03. September 2019.

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