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"Simple Common Sense" is lacking in today's science
25. November 2018 at 20:26
Well a big trouble right, simple Common sense is lacking in most of our organizing bodies. The basis of hungry thrust and survival instincts forces us to hunt and the same we are doing right now.
The basis of science must not put on destructive foundation pillars. I'm saying so mostly in terms of technology well now most of young people's will deny my statement and older will show concern. I'm 21 living in the same world. But when you start questioning there's no age limit to get answers.

Technology solves problems and that's great but if same technology is not developed in tune up with the nature it destroys lives. I wanna draw your attention to few Things:
* Are we lacking underground water reservoir.
* Are we lacking in controlling pollution & plastic.
* Do we all agree upon our education system. Is it really developing our true selves.
* Do all faces seems happy or troubled around you.
* Are we using technology to really get connected to the globe Or we are loosing people's in front of our eyes.
* We are making marvelous building designs or killing the natural habitat of our own.

Well we can have days and days on debate on each one and even more. But why that happened? The answer is! A blank statement. Because this is the thing we are lacking at. We don't spend time with ourselves nor we read or tried users manual of this body and mind. Is there any haa? Hardly but it is. Try a simple thing just sit or walk with yourself make a friendship within you and then one thing will happen for sure you will never get bored. why? because you can't get bored with your best friend that's you. Know yourself better and clear.

And about the blank statement, it's a message that finally we're gonna die for sure. But let's celebrate life until we alive. So what's the use of overusing any and every resource. Why not we try to live well by living well not tending to living well. Your smile must be independent & don't require something to happen first.

Developing technology is marvelous but thinking of its creation for disaster is evil and that's what I call common sense because science is claiming itself as most logical form so even a kid knows that you can't burn a house of your own so how can you do that with earth. Do we have another earth? Quiet so so far right. Then thinking of destructive technology is foolish. Let's not be foolish make our lab more protective then experiment not blast the lab. I hope you get my point.
Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. ""Simple Common Sense" is lacking in today's science." International Youth Journal, 25. November 2018.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/quotsimple-common-sensequot-is-lacking-in-todays-scienc

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