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Qualities of a True Critic
12. June 2020 at 21:23
(Well honestly to criticize and its true value is only elaborated when the  'Critic'  is having few qualities as usual for every post we consider qualification ,Well giving generalization to this is quiet difficult. But if you are going to criticize anyone you could set up  the qualifications as  a   true 'Critic' .. ) lets check this:

 " How to Criticize??" 

Well this one question must bother you otherwise.. you're not reading haha just kidding.. Well before placing ourselves at a critic place we must know our qualifications so lets have a look:

*Qualities of a true Critic : 

The value and importance of a true critic can only be elaborated And actually considered if the Critic is honest and good in nature , the person studied deeply all the thesis of the matter she / he is going to criticize. And actually the person should be of open mindedness and having complete awareness about the facts and theory of the thesis. And the person is required of having Self-Confidence and being OPTIMIST ! 

*What a Critic actually do : 

Critic is the person who study the matter or thesis with multi - dimensional prospect. With the ability of open mindedness the person see each and every angle of the thesis that is going to add up to this world 'to make it more better'. Her/ His Opinion is very important as the element that sets up the range for the thesis with its current features. 

*A Critic is also a friend :

A good critic help the matter or thesis creator by helping her/ him to get up from their own work. Generally when anyone works very passionately they work really hard of course and get stick up to one value idea or track they become uni-dimensional and some how loose the ability to think openly and multi-dimensionally. At that critical state of mind the one who comes up for the help for the support is called as a 'Critic'. So some how knowingly or unknowingly a Critic is a good friend. Who takes up our skills and help us to out of the trap. 


''To work and again enjoy our work! ''r work! ''

*A good Critic should also encourage the matter or thesis maker :

As i said in the above para that a good Critic is also a friend. So as a friend of deeds the person must give appreciation for all good deeds and associated hard work that bring the matter or thesis maker up and feel encouraged. 

* A good Critic is the "Hard worker" :

The work of a true Critic is equally tough then the matter or thesis maker. A true Critic study the complete and core idea of the thesis or matter with open mindedness and neutrality. His work sometimes Surprisingly becomes more tough then the thesis or matter maker. She/ He had to bring the errors and limitations of the thesis but also as a friend to bring up the thesis maker come out of his own work and again get open minded..

* Image of a good Critic :

As being a good Critic is not an easy job , still the image of a critic in many minds are weird and abstract that how can one be a good Critic when the person is Criticizing any one's work. I guess with above para we have got our answers , So what image of a good critic in mind could be, 

of course not the one who hate us or the person who set falsifications all the time and see nothing good even in the best possible thesis. Well i think to call that a person a good critic is some what like you are giving a non biology student few medical books either the person find it so so good as the matter of interest that could easily come up few times as a child's curiosity 

Or the person completely find all the flaws and only errors well i think that's wrong to call a person a good Critic. As we can't trust any unqualified person for a designation in the same way that person don't deserve to be called as a good Critic. A Critic is the friend and a person whose help evolve the thesis to survive in extremes. So the image of a good Critic is ideal and good. 

Almost in many prefaces of the book the author takes the name of the person who helped her/him to write the 'book ' And one of them or few times more than one is the name of a "Good Critic" 

''So next time when your mind provokes you to criticize someone or something think of your Critic home work is that done!'' 

Cite This Article As: Omkareshwar Jha. "Qualities of a True Critic." International Youth Journal, 12. June 2020.

Link To Article: https://youth-journal.org/qualities-of-a-true-critic

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