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Plant Breeding And Food Security
17. September 2017 at 18:43
With the increasing food and nutrient insecurity, plant breeding has a major role to provide security by forming high yielding and environmental suitable varieties.
Plant breeding is an applied branch of botany which deals with improvement of agricultural crops which has contributed maximum to food production all over the world. From Green Revolution in 1960 to meet the current food requirement, plant breeding played an important role.

Plant breeding is manipulating plant attributes or performance change according to the need of the society in order to address world food demand and quality needs. Plant breeding enhances the value of food crops by improving their yield and the nutritional quality. Plant breeding is an art, science as well as technology that address food supply needs for a growing world population, helps plant to adapt to environment stress and climate change, helps in adaptation to specific production system to enhance mechanization.

Goals and Objectives of Plant Breeding
Plant breeding increases yield, quality, development of new variety, disease resistant variety, purification of old indigenous variety, development of product according to market preference and taste of consumer, high nutritional value and industrial application. With the objectives of change in maturity duration, synchronous maturity, determinate growth, abiotic and biotic stress tolerant, elimination of toxic substance of crop species plant breeding helps to ensure food and nutrition security.

With the achievement of development if hybrid variety, efficient use of fertilizer and irrigation, use of mechanization, early maturing and disease resistant varieties, still large amount of research and activities are to be performed in plant breeding to ensure food and nutrition security whose insecurity has been increasing due to rapid population growth, decrease in agricultural land and issues like climate change.
Cite This Article As: Kushal Naharki. "Plant Breeding And Food Security." International Youth Journal, 17. September 2017.

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