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Planet of earth: reinvigorating to planet of beasts
08. June 2018 at 11:45
The Earth is being taken to a wrongly prevailed path; where every person is tilted towards self benefit rather than rethinking on current policies which could be beneficial for entire humanity. This article touch the crux of such dilemma and ask humans to rethink on it; where they are moving the Earth.
The attitude and behavior of the members of any group reflect their belongingness. So, in same way how one can call Earth, a planet where humans live too. It came to me; that compelled me to go through few statics, which show how many precious lives of people have marched to the mouth of death?

The very prominent are the killings of people, held in world war 1, where millions of lives were unsuccessful to further live in this planet. Very, soon, it repeatedly, got me to go through another similar incident, while leading to the causes of first world war. It jolted my mind to see this brutality, continued and happening in the form of crusades, where the members of the same specie fighting each other while leading the life to the verge of a destruction and people caught for more than a century.

We further continued to continue the legacy and joined the chain of the atrocities. In same way, the incident of nine eleven attack and an attack on Paris, a city of France, happened in my life time peeped my mind further to go through the extremely shameless condition, which gave me a glimpse of, what we have made the life.

The very recent happening, that happened in my country and world recognizes it with the name of APS attack, the attack that happened i n my lifetime and made me to go through more than a hundred precious lived of the innocents, who would have a number of dreams that couldn't happen because those cute faces didn't get any chance to come their team as true.

It sometimes, lead me to imagine the hues and cries of those innocent children, who were in their class rooms, the place which was proved as the last place they visited. They would have said, aren't we part of the same planet, don't we deserve to live further in the world, if we deserve, then, why didn't the world led me to go through such brutalities and cruelties. Why a this, happened with my life when I didn't even see my adolescence.

Similarly, it led me to further imagine those cries of innocent people killed in the incident, happened in Paris, was it my fault to visit and explore the world. If not, the why did it happen to me? Then, Why I was brutally killed and didn't make it further, to live in this world.

Being innocent and impeccant from all the sins had made this planet; a world of fantasy. The jungly animals would be shooting loudly with the pleasure that; we are far better this specie, since we don't harm any other except that of doing our own job to best survive in the world, except when we are hungry. But the list of power and authority had made the humans a victim of feeling proud and full with unending social evils.

The conditions are so worst that, few souls from the graves, buried in the graveyards, would be crying that didn't you people learn from our examples? Weren't our lives enough for you people to make this clear that; this life is a mortal one and everyone had to leave this mortal world,. Though, many religions including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism believe on life after death. But, none of them claims with the surety, in the form of an evidence. But all of the people have seen this valley and have seen the beauty of the nature with all its beauties. So, why not all the people are ready to live accordingly? The lust of the so called victory and unending power and authority had led us to live the life in the way, we are currently living. It had made it difficult that we undo all the things; that happened and incidents; that took place.

Finally, while recalling all the incidents and cruelties, and their pain imagined in depth would be compelling us to think on these brutalities, shown by we people, ever happened before and now it's time to undo all the happenings by fetching the peace back to this world and loudly claim that; it's not going to repeat again.
Cite This Article As: Muhammad Attique Syed. "Planet of earth: reinvigorating to planet of beasts." International Youth Journal, 08. June 2018.

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