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Philippine Tourist Destinations: Mini Boracay cases?
12. November 2018 at 09:18
Following the foreclosure of Boracay, should other tourist destinations in the Philippines undergo extensive improvement to meet international standards
The pronouncement of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to foreclose Boracay , a world renowned tourist destination, for six months had alarmed numerous sectors in the Philippines due to a possible drop in the tourism industry that shall upset certain economic and social factors. However, the rehabilitation of the so - called cesspool reignited a thorough observation of other tourist spots in the country such as the Tondaligan Beach in Dagupan City where twenty tons of garbage was scattered along the shore and in the ocean as reported by media outlets in 2017. With this staggering number confronting us, should we implement stricter measures to salvage nature’s gems?

In Boracay alone, the final blow came amidst the exceedance of the purported carrying capacity of the island with 16,796 more people who are either lured into the island with a vision of relaxation or of booming commerce.

With this example alone, the national government should be able to set definite parameters on when they should intervene with the current actions of the respective Local Government Units (LGU). This underscores the fact that if the government becomes indifferent to the decision - making capability and performance capacity of LGUs , they are essentially leaving the fate of seven thousand plus islands into the hands of people who have an equivocal agenda and this does not ensure that things shall take a turn for the best.

As much as this provides the people with the security of knowing that someone will save the day, hefty means such as foreclosing islands can be shelved if we opt to combine current programs with strengthened enforcement of the law. Issuing a foreclosure, cripples businesses and increases the number of unemployed Filipinos. Yet in drastic times, any manner that concedes to creating valuable improvements should be paved to ensure that the virginal quality of these places are maintained.

But above all when speaking about change, there must be tangible solutions and fields that the government should focus on. In pursuing this particular change the key areas of concern should be on providing safety nets and proper information dissemination on plans regarding livelihood, employment, health ,sanitation and decongestion. These key areas are components of sustainable tourism which should be the end all be all of any responsible country.

Sustainable tourism aims to promote partaking of and caring for tourist sites so that the next generation will also be able to utilize it. More importantly, fact - finding bodies along with locals should be given a seat at the table to bring to light certain matters that endanger the continuous progress in every place or region. Actions such as informing tourists about how to care for these destinations before, during and after their visit can greatly contribute to its preservation. Hand in hand with older members of society, the youth should be take part in these noble gesture by supporting and advocating for policies and projects that shall expedite this process either through social media or in real life.

Truly, the Philippines is a pearl not just of the Orient but of the entire world.It needs meticulous supervision so that filth, muck and waste will not stain its beauty. In order for its beauty to be shared, we need to unite in protecting every inch of its territory from deformation lest our tourist destinations become another mini Boracay case.

Cite This Article As: Francine Beatriz Pradez. "Philippine Tourist Destinations: Mini Boracay cases?." International Youth Journal, 12. November 2018.

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